Kid Friendly Asheville

I'm really happy that I decided to bring Kid Friendly Asheville back to the big WWW.  I went on a short hiatus from KFA last year when life got so busy and I had too many projects going on so a few had to take a sabbatical.

In the mean time I received some great emails about it being missed and that they hoped I'd bring it back.  After much thought and deliberation I have it back up and running.

Since I am native to these parts and love calling Asheville home, I hope that I can share lots of kid friendly activities, places to eat and free things to do with you! 

Thanks to everyone that has left comments and emailed me the past year because you have motivated me to help more in my community with this site.

I look forward to talking to people and posting some great activities in the area!  I look forward to meeting lots of people and forming friendships.

TEASER:  You'll be able to hang with me once a month at The Hop on Merrimon Avenue so the kids can play and the adults can talk about life in general and how we make it through the day!  More information on this to come!