I've lost six pounds.

I got a lot of awesome comments about my bravery for posting my scale picture that was showing my current weight and talking about feeling sexy after having kids.  130 if you cannot tell by the tiny picture over there.  ha ha  I don't mind being 130 and didn't mind telling a lot of people that I weigh 130.  I didn't think it was a major thing since I have had four children and gained up to 180 the day before Baby M was born. 

Realizing that my tummy does wiggle like jello I decided to start watching what I eat and give up my sugar.  I'm addicted to sugar and have the biggest sweet tooth in the world!  Oh, it's my weakness!!!!  S.U.G.A.R.

For breakfast I'd have some yogurt (Weight Watchers has some delicious flavors), then for lunch I'd have a handful of almonds, some cheese and crackers, if I got hungry in the afternoon I'd grab a protein shake (Special K Vanilla Flavor) or bar (Special K) to tide me over until dinner.  For dinner I'd stop at one plate, no going back for yummy seconds.  Of course I'd cheat every now and again and enjoy a bowl of ice cream after dinner.  YUMMY!!!!!  I also buy these chocolate treats that are for dieters when I totally crave a piece of chocolate.  There are ways to make dieting easier and fun, if you can call dieting fun.

It's funny I never felt hungry during all this until I actually admitted that I was dieting then when I'd think of the things I weren't eating I'd start to starve!  ha ha  The past few weeks hadn't bothered me a bit at all until over the weekend when I weighed myself and realized that I was in fact dieting.

I was pleasantly surprised at my weight and giggled like a school girl to realize that I now weigh 124.  I've lose six pounds!  Six whole pounds.  Pretty cool huh?!?!  Although, now that I realize that I've changed my food habits I get hungry more.  I just take a deep breath, drink some water and eat a few almonds.  I've always been a huge almond fan and eat them daily. 

I already know that my diet is healthy because we are an organic family but I also know that I could have cut back on some things that I was over indulging in like my peanut butter cups and having that second plate of delicious dinner at night. 

I feel good about the weight loss and will continue watching what I eat and enjoy the results!!! 

**I wasn't paid to post this and mention the brands above, I was just sharing the things I was eating in my quest and thought you might like to know.**