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Happy Halloween

Everyone loves when Halloween rolls around because it's a time that we can dress up and act silly PLUS get lots of FREE Candy!  *evil laugh*  I have FOUR kids that I can get candy from.  Bwah ha ha ha...  Even though it's Halloween and the kids will want to be on a sugar high it is important to teach them about enjoying their candy in moderation and to see it as a special treat. 

Treating kids to an exciting Halloween doesn’t have to be a scary prospect for parents. Just look to these products to help make the holiday frightfully fun!

Try out these fun tips to make sure your kids enjoy Halloween this year:

•       Set boundaries in limiting treats while empowering your kids by asking
them to pick one of their favorites each day.
•       Help foster creativity in your kids by making a Halloween costume from
items found around the house

Halloween is the perfect time to have FUN and be SILLY!!!!!

Fan Stamp’s Instant Press-On Face Paint
These Disney Princess- and Disney·Pixar Cars-themed face paints allow you to create fun and unique designs perfect for any Halloween occasion. The face paint decals are easy to apply and easy to remove, making them a treat for kids and parents alike.
SRP: $6.49 at

Frankford’s Halloween Candy Mix
A little candy is always a sweet thing. You’ll be the hit of the neighborhood when you give out this must-have candy assortment for Halloween featuring
favorite Disney characters.
SRP: $4.99 at drug stores nationwide

I3 Flix’s Mater Teeth
For a quick costume change, bite down on these Disney·Pixar Cars Mater Teeth.
Featuring a fruit-flavored lollipop, the Mater Teeth are bound to create a laugh just like fans’ favorite tow truck.
SRP: $1.99 at drug stores nationwide

Brother-All-Natural Freeze Dried Fruit Crisps
These crispy 100% fruit snacks are available in an array of flavors, offering a great fruit alternative to sugary Halloween treats. And the Disney-themed packaging will bring a smile to small and big alike!
SRP: $0.99/bag at grocery stores nationwide

Kellogg’s Fruit Snacks
Fruit snacks, a longtime favorite of kids, meet up with Phineas & Ferb to bring a fun and tasty treat that comes in all shapes and flavors.
SRP: $2.69 at Walmart, Target and grocery stores nationwide

Utz Pretzels
These delicious pretzel snacks bring their favorite Disney·Pixar Cars characters to your kids’ plate. These snacks will be a hit in the lunchroom that everyone will be trading for.
SRP: $4.99 at select grocery stores nationwide

We all know kids and sweets go hand-in-hand during Halloween. How do you help little ghosts and goblins find a treat balance during this scary season?

Thank you Disney for helping make Halloween healthy and FUN!!  Head on over to the D-Lightful Living page on Disney Living Facebook to find out information on each weekly challenge and learn the tricks to a happy, festive Halloween when you tackle this week’s video challenge.

**I am being compensated as a Disney Brand Ambassador, but the opinions expressed belong to me, Michelle Lee.  Thank you Disney!** 


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