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The Cold and Flu Fight

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The Cold and Flu Fight
As every parent knows, cold and flu season is nothing to sneeze at. With winter weather nearly upon us, it’s important to keep kids equipped to battle those nasty bugs – and they can do so with the help of these great Disney-themed products!

I cannot believe I'm going to type this for all to see but I'm glad my kids got sick just in time to talk about the cold and flu season upon us.  Does that make me a bad parent? 

Try these helpful tips to fight the cold and flu this season:

    * Help keep your kids comfortable in  their bed or on the couch
* Make sure your kids use tissue when they sneeze and blow their nose

Remind kids to wash their hands regularly.

Method Hand Soap
Method’s Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse-inspired hand wash comes in unique containers shaped like Disney’s most delightful power couple, and the foaming soap will leave the whole family feeling fresh and clean.
SRP: $4.49 at Target stores

Peach Tree Facial Tissue Pocket Packs
Kids can keep these “Toy Story”-themed portable packs on hand wherever they go, a key accessory during this season of sniffles!
SRP: $1.00/6 pack at Dollar Tree stores

Campbell’s Soups
Give your under-the-weather tots a warm bowl of Campbell’s soup they crave – and a tasty tool for getting them up and active again.
SRP: $1.29 at Walmart and Kroger stores

Citrus World Orange Juice
Donald Duck-themed 100% orange juice from Citrus World is sure to make your kids smile even when feeling sick.
SRP: $1.99-2.99 at select grocery stores nationwide

It's better to be prepared ahead of time so make sure you stock up on hand wash, vitamins and tissue to help battle The Cold and Flu Fight.

Thank you Disney for helping my kids recover from their icky cold and sniffles.!  Head on over to the D-Lightful Living page on Disney Living Facebook to find out information on each weekly challenge and Stamp out the sniffles with the help of this week’s video challenge

Your child is sick – and stuck inside for yet another chilly day. What are some ways you’ve found to keep them feeling better?

**I am being compensated as a Disney Brand Ambassador, but the opinions expressed belong to me, Michelle Lee.  Thank you Disney!**