Baby M wasn't born at the grocery store.

No matter what she may tell you she WAS NOT born at the grocery store.  I have no idea where she got that from but loves telling people that she was born at the grocery store.  I promise Baby M that your birth was planned right down to the day and time about a month ahead of time and it took place in the hospital because I couldn't see a doc doing my cesarean at the grocery store in the produce aisle. 

It is funny though!   

Kids come up with the craziest things!!  Take this conversation with Lil O for example that we shared yesterday.

Lil O ~ How was I born?
Me ~ The doctor cut a place in mommy's belly and got you out.
Lil O ~ How did they close it up?
Me ~ She sewed it up.
Lil O ~ Did it hurt?
Me ~ No, they gave me medicine so it didn't hurt.
Lil O ~ I'm not having a baby.
Me ~ Okay but you might change your mind when you get older.
Lil O ~ Why do people get married?
Me ~ Well, so they can have someone to do things with like go out to eat or vacation.
Lil O ~ Or you can be alone?
Me ~ Yes.
Lil O ~ I think I'd rather be alone.   (HA HA, a lot would agree with that statement.)
Me ~ Yes, true.
Lil O ~ I'll just have a baby and not get married.
Me ~ No, no, that's not the way it goes.  You get married then have a baby. 

Kids say the craziest things!