The wheels on the minivan
will not turn, will not turn.

WonderwomanMom's Jag, AKA my minivan, will not run due to a dead battery since yesterday.  I've had a morning off from taking the kids to school because I have had no power!  You'd think a Super Hero’s van would run when you wanted it to run!  You’d never see Batman working on a dead battery or Wonder Woman calling the auto service to jump her jet off.

It’s okay though because I’ve enjoyed the time off by crawling back in bed after the kids headed to school.  I snatched up Sophie the Superdog and crawled back into my warm bed.  It’s a rule in the house, if the beds still warm you can crawl back in it.  Since the electric blanket had been on, my side was still warm.  Imagine that, so I jumped right on in.  Baby M jumping on the bed couldn’t even spoil my moment of warmness and Sophie snuggling.

I’ve been making some changes to the blog, and some have noticed, so I thought I would share the exciting news.  I used to run a site called Kid Friendly Asheville, where I would post things that the kids could do in or around Asheville.  It was a popular site and everyone loved it.  Last year I was overwhelmed with all the other jobs I was taking on that I put the site on a sabbatical.  I would get all these nice emails and messages about how everyone was missing the site and hoped I brought it back soon.

I’ve decided to bring it back!  But I’m not going to be posting it on Kid Friendly Asheville because I’ve been trying to consolidate my online life to only a few places.  That’s why I axed Supermom Cooks.

So, Kid Friendly Asheville events will be posted on The Adventures of Supermom from now on.  I even have a special KFA area on the right of the blog if you scroll down just a bit.  I will be posting all the kid friendly events there and some area Asheville links for busy parents like me.

I also added a section with buttons of companies I’ve been affiliated with and sites that recognize me as a mom blogger.  I’m currently working with Disney, I’ve worked with Vaseline and Country Inns & Suites sent my family on vacation to Washington DC where we had an amazing TIME!

I hope that you welcome the changes and enjoy all that goes on in my busy life!