What's on the telly?

*skipping around the house*

Fall is in the air and the new shows are coming out on the telly and it's time to pick out the ones you want to watch and the ones you don't want to waste your time on.

For me it's easy, I'm not a big telly buff so I only let myself have a few shows for entertainment.  The telly is such a time suck and some people can spend hours a day in front of it, me not being one of those people.  (Unless I cannot sleep in the middle of the night then you will find me watching The Golden Girl Marathons.)

Here are some shows that I love to watch.  My time is valuable so why waste time on crap TV?

Doctor Who
Not only do I have a thing for British men but I love British TV shows!!!!  My favorite Doctor has been the handsome Christopher Eccleston and I miss him terribly!!!!!!  Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the new Doctor as well but there's something about CE playing the Doc that got me all excited!  It could be I just have a thing for British men.  *shrug*  Anyway, this is one show that I will devote an hour of my time to.

Mad Men
We are huge Mad Men fans!!!  Following Don Draper around has been very enjoyable for us and we were saddened that the new season didn't start up on time due to telly difficulties.  It's all about the money I suppose.  I cannot wait to see the clothing designs and the furniture when it comes back!  I wonder if Don will be a married man or if we get to see a wedding???  Inquiring minds want to know!

This is my guilty pleasure!  All the cussing, sexual innuendos, sex and drinking tickles me!  I guess there could be worse things in life, I'm not sure what they are right now but I will think on it.  I find it odd that I can be so attracted to a cartoon character!  Archer is awesome and he's hilarious!!!!!!!!!  He is so worth thirty minutes once a week!

The IT Crowd
Another HILARIOUS British TV show! 

Is it plugged into the wall?
Is it turned on?

This show cracks me up and again, worth thirty minutes once a week!

Now that you've seen my telly line-up, what does yours look like?