Tonight is GNO!

I've been looking forward to Girls Night Out for two weeks now and it's finally here!  YAY!!!!  Since Fall is in the air I think I'll wear a sweater tonight!  I love sweater weather.  It's a cozy time of year for sure and I'm totally loving it.

Today Lil  O went for a physical for first grade and she's growing like a weed as they say.  Since they pricked her finger for blood and she had a hysterical fit over it, I took her to get a milkshake afterward.    A mom's got to do what a moms go to do.

I had mentioned that I needed to stop by Liberty Street Baggage to get a picture and pick up something, so she wanted to go.  I told her it would be like a field trip because she could see the fabric and watch Lexie sew a handbag right in front of her eyes.  I didn’t mind letting her tag along for my quick errand. 

She loved it! 

After our quick errand it was time for lunch, which is when we realized that there was no need to take her to school because I’d just drop her off and turn right back around to pick her up.  So, Lil O got a free day off from school.  She’s been lying on the couch though feeling kind of puny. 

So, this leads me to now.  I received some cool packages in the mail and cannot wait to share what was inside them tomorrow.  I need to fix a quiche to feed the family and then get dressed for GNO!


Monica said…
um... it was 71 outside that
Supermom said…
And wonderful sweater weather. I wore my beautiful black sweater with a butterfly broach. :)