The Playboy Club

I got sucked into a TV show last night and I’m surprised to say that I rather enjoyed it a lot.  The Playboy Club has aired two shows and I had to watch both of them last night after watching the first one.  I love the whole look and feel of the show.  Times were so different in Chicago during the 60’s.  It intrigued me. 

I’m really loving Nick Dalton and think he’s totally yummy.  His character reminds me of Don Draper on Mad Men.  (The whole show reminds me of Mad Men actually, I wouldn't be surprised to see Don and Roger walk in for drinks one night.)  Dresses to the nine and enjoys the ladies.  Who doesn’t love that in a character?  Don’t get me started on how beautiful Maureen is!!!  She’s a total knockout!!! 

Has anyone else seen this new Fall show?  Opinions please.

An "if you don't swing, don't ring".


Jen Konold said…
I really like it too. I agree about Nick and Maureen..those are two gorgeous people. I'm hoping it doesn't get cancelled because it seems like every new show I like gets cancelled :-D
Supermom said…
That's what I said!!!!! Every show I like gets canceled!! ha ha