Plan a game night at your house.

The Adventures of Supermom believes in quality family fun!

You don't always have to leave your house for Kid Friendly Family Fun.  Get out the games, order some pizza, chips & dip and bring on the cold beer then enjoy!

How about starting a tradition with your children or grandchildren?? Plan a game night. Children as young as three even enjoy this family fun.

If you plan on inviting more family and friends to your family fun here are a few ideas to make your night a big success.

Set up a Kid Friendly table. At our house the Dora table works perfectly. Just the right size for small children to use for their games. Younger children can play Memory, Dominoes (with pictures), Sorry, Candyland and many more. They don't have to really follow the rules. Let them make the rules up themselves. Just let the younger kids enjoy the fun!

You can let the older kids play with the adults. They like being included in the grown up fun.

Adult (kid friendly) games to think about playing: Monopoly, Trivia Pursuit, Upwords, Scrabble, Dominoes, Clue, Scatagories, Cranium and many more. It's a good idea to pair the older child with an adult and play in pairs. That way the older child doesn't get overwhelmed and think they cannot play the game as good as the adults.

No matter the game, your family will enjoy it. Be prepared to laugh and make lots of great memories for your family and friends.

****If you have a family tradition to share with us just send us an email
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We'd love to hear about it and post it on The Adventures of Supermom!


Alice Langholt said…
My kids love game night. The interaction and attention from the parents, and friendly cooperation and teamwork with each other make for a great time. It totally blows TV away as far as quality is concerned. Our favorites are Name 5 and Flippin' Out by Endless Games, Apples to Apples Jr., and Thanks A Lot?!