I tried it, so now you don't have to.
I'm nice like that.

I love organic whole milk yogurt in all assorted flavors!  I also LOVE coffee!  When we were grocery shopping Saturday I came across some coffee yogurt with cream on top.  Of course I thought "YUMMY" must try this yogurt because I thought:

Whole Milk Yogurt + Coffee = Delicious Afternoon Treat.

I was wrong. 

Very wrong.

I didn't like it at all.  It just didn't taste good.

You're very welcome for me sparing you the awful taste of this yogurt.  I'm so sorry Brown Cow because I love all your yogurt, just not this one.  Perhaps if it was sweeter and maybe some vanilla in it then I might like it more.

Might being the key word there. 

I guess I will just stick to vanilla or maple yogurt because you cannot go wrong with the basic flavors.  One of my favorite healthy treats is organic whole milk vanilla yogurt with granola and blueberries!  YUMMY!!!  

All this yogurt talk is making me hungry.

**I bought this yogurt myself at the grocery store and I'm sharing my personal opinion of this flavor.  I mean no disrespect to Brown Cow and will continue to buy their maple and vanilla yogurt.**