I bet baby soup tastes like chicken.

My poor Baby M
I’ve had two sick babies home the past two days so I thought I’d talk about them for a few minutes on The Adventures of Supermom.  It’s either that or watch iCarly with Lil O, her new obsession.  At least it isn’t that dreadful Fresh Beat Band.  Fresh Beat Band drives me insanely insane and makes me want to run around the house screaming as I cover my ears.  Another problem I have is their real age, come on they’ve got to be in their (later) 20’s and acting like young teens dancing around and singing.  It drives me nuts!!!!!!

Oh, another show that I cannot stand is Max & Ruby or is it Ruby & Max?  I’ve been making fun of that show for years!  Come on!!!  They are bunnies, who multiply like crazy, and you never see parents.  Here’s what I think went down, Ruby got pregnant at an early age and had Max.  That’s why you never see their parents.  It’s all a HOAX!  That’s why Ruby is so BOSSY!!!!  And she’s bossy!!!  It gets on my nerves. 

Don’t hold back Michelle, tell us how you really feel, why don’t you!

What show drives you crazy?

Since the kids are sick Superdad indulges them with organic pop tarts and Sprite (not organic) to make them feel better.   Baby M calls them Pop Cards and we totally think it’s the most adorable thing in the world!  Isn’t that what all parents say, “My kid is the best in the whole wide world!’?  At least I don’t have one of those silly bumper stickers on my van that says something about being an honor student or something like that.  I’ve not being seeing as much of those as I usually do, does that mean we are dumbing down in America or they just don’t fit in with the budget these days?  I’m just sayin’….

Another saying that Baby M says is “Baby Soup”.  Do you think you can guess what she’s really trying to say??  Comment below with what you think it is and I’ll let you know if you are right!

I look forward to hearing what you have to say!  So, tell me what kids show/shows drive you crazy and then guess to see what Baby M is saying when she says, “Baby Soup”.