Feeling Sexy After Kids

Taken 9-15-2011 

A woman’s body changes after kids in ways that some cannot understand and at times we feel self-conscious about the way our body looks.  I’m blogging to tell you how I feel about my body and the things I do to make myself feel all sexy, on the outside and in my head. 

I’ve had four kids, reaching 180 pounds the day I went to have Baby M.  No joke!  I was huge!

1 day to go belly
The day before Baby M was born.

After having all four kids my body felt like a bowl of jelly, all wiggly and such.  I most definitely had a baby belly for sure!  Let me describe my body a bit, how it looks after children.  I have a lot of stretch marks from my breasts to my knees, some that are very pronounced but they don’t bother me.  I have a baby pouch, like a momma kangaroo.  No kidding.  Too bad it doesn’t have a pocket to store other things other than fat cells. 

Now that I’ve stopped nursing my breasts are finally going back to their normal size.  YAY!!!  Yes, they have stretch marks on them from pregnancy and being FULL of milk but they are my breasts.  Even though my breasts aren’t the same as when I was 18 I still love them.  When I see them naked in a mirror I think of how they’ve nursed four babies, giving them nourishment to grow.  That’s an amazing feeling, knowing that I was able to do that for my children.  I helped them grow strong and be so healthy.

Then there’s my baby belly.  It still wiggles and jiggles and the baby has fun showing me that it is like jello.  It doesn’t bother me.  So what, it’s my belly.  It’s carried four babies to term.  It’s held them and kept them safe from the outside world.  When I’m naked, in panties or a bathing suit you can tell that I’ve had babies, even if they aren’t with me because of my belly.  I don’t care.  A baby belly doesn’t make you any less sexy and in fact it should enhance your sexiness because of the things that your body can do.  We give the miracle of life.

I’ve realized that there are things that I do, that make me feel all sexy, about my baby belly and I thought I’d share them with you. 

~ Forget the butt dental floss or bikini panties and actually wear panties that cover your baby belly.  Who says that “granny panties” cannot be sexy?  I disagree.  I love wearing panties that actually cover my baby belly instead of confining it to small scraps of fabric and string that actually doesn’t look good and in turn makes you realize that you do have a baby belly.

Some of my panties.
See how sexy!?!?!?

Pair your panties with a sexy lacy bra and you’d be surprised at how awesome you look in the mirror and the smile that will appear all over your face!  I know that it helped me feel better about my belly, seeing that sexy woman looking back in the mirror. 

The key thing is loving who you are, baby body and all then the rest is just icing on the cake, as they say.  I don’t have that 17 year old body anymore and that’s okay.  I have had four children and think I look sexy at 37 years old with the body that I do have now.

It may not be perfect for models these days but personally I think they need to eat a burger and fries more often.  Seeing stick thin models discourages me at times because most women don't look that way.  Also, don’t even start comparing yourself to superstar moms who are super thin six weeks after giving birth.  Remember they have personal chefs, nannies, housekeepers and personal trainers.  Yeah, if I had that then perhaps my body would be a bit different, but would it change how I live?  No, it just would mean I could wear a bikini again and …  ummm… no, that’s about all it would be.

I hope that perhaps I’ve made you see your body in a different light, a beautiful baby body light.  Just take a look at The Shape of a Mother to see other moms, like me, who are brave to bare their baby body for all to see.

*PS.  I wasn't compensated for posting this, I'm just sharing a tip on what makes me feel sexy.**


Katie said…
I look in the mirror & I just get so disgusted with my body... I hate not wearing a bra because my breasts look horrible otherwise. I can't figure out how my husband can see me naked, & be turned on. I've carried 5 children in my body... nursed them all... and my body shows it. At one point after having my last child... I made it up to 220 lbs... I'm nowhere near that big anymore... but I'm still very self conscious about my saggy belly, and boobs.
Thanks for reminding me that every stretch mark & wiggle was earned with love... not shame.
I'm still working on getting my body into better shape... but this body, no matter hat the shape its in, was created in love... Thx Michelle...
Supermom said…
Love that baby belly Katie!!! I can relate!!! I hope this post made you feel better!

Much love,
Michelle :)
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