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Make Smart Morning Choices

Good morning from the Supermom family to yours! This morning I want to talk about getting the kids fed before school because I know it can be a very busy time and sometimes it’s over looked. Then you have kids that aren’t making smart choices about breakfast for a busy day of learning and then they end up starving and unable to concentrate way before lunch time.

Remember breakfast is the most important meal of the day so here are some tips to help your family make smart choices every day this week.   It’s important to empower your kids to make their own smart choices by allowing them to pick their own cereal, within the healthy range of course.  And don’t forget the yogurt because kids can get extra calcium and Vitamin D with just one cup of yogurt.

A healthy bowl of cereal and a cup of yogurt is the perfect breakfast for your kids heading to school for a day of learning and a busy mom like me.

Another good way to help your kids get the essential nutrients they need is to add a gummie vitamin to their morning routine.  All four of my kids love the gummie vitamins and they always remember them in the morning when they are eating breakfast.

It’s always a special treat to see what princess they get as they dance them around their bowl of cereal before they are eaten.

After breakfast is finished we cannot forget about caring for our teeth.   A family that cares for their teeth together establishes healthy brushing habits that will last a lifetime.  It’s important to create consistent routines for your kids like brushing their teeth at the same time each morning which would be after eating their breakfast, then when they get home from school after their snack and right before bedtime.

Helping your children make smart decisions on healthy living now will encourage them to keep these awesome routines going through their adulthood and then one day they will be teaching their children.

All ready for school thanks to a nutritious breakfast and healthy brushing habits!

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I am being compensated as a Disney Brand Ambassador but since I am an organic family already, I'm happy that Disney shares my opinion about kids eating healthy and starting healthy routines!  The opinions expressed belong to me, Michelle Lee.  Thank you Disney!


diannaray said…
My son would be WILD about that cereal, lol....the juicees too.
Supermom said…
The cereal is actually good and so are the ingredients. Trust me, Superdad checked it out. :)