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Skin Care All Year Long

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Skin Care All Year Long

I am proud to admit that I am a sunscreen and insect repellent junkie when it comes to my kids.  I’ve always been that way with them no matter where we go; vacation or a walk around the neighborhood.  Taking care of my skin is very important to me and I hope that I’ve taught my kids to take care of their skin as well.  I want them to know the dangers of skin cancer from the sun so they know how important it is to protect their skin from getting burned when they are outside.

It's also important to teach them that sunscreen isn’t just for sunny days in summer because the sun does shine in the Fall and Winter.  It’s important to remember sun screen on all sunny days whether you’re at the beach in July or skiing in November!

Be sure to take care of your skin.

We were at the beach last year and my sister actually laughed at me over my sun screen addiction when I was hosing the kids down with sun screen.  I used a whole bottle of sun screen on the four kids before I even let them head to the beach.  HA HA!  Okay, that might have been a bit overboard BUT no one got sunburned on my watch.

It's always better to be safe from the very beginning.

Time for insect repellent.

One of the things that I dread is mosquito season!  I detest those lil buggers and always use an insect repellent on the kids and myself.  I don’t like it when the kids get bitten and then scratch the bump until it scabs over!  UGH!  So when the kids are bouncing out the door it's important to use sun screen or insect repellent. 

With one of my children protesting those things called clothes, I always have to make sure that her skin is protected when she is outside.  I bet you cannot guess which one I'm talking about.

Even a quick dip in the kiddie pool requires a heavy dose of sunscreen.

I have a spot that is reserved for sun screen and insect repellent outside on our covered porch.  I keep them at arms reach on the table so as soon as the kids go out, I can apply what is needed and let them go on their way. 

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