The Blended Family

Today you will find a lot of "blended" families and it's nothing to be "ashamed" of if your family is like ours.  Life happens and sometimes it is out of your control.  People change with age and such.  I never really thought about being remarried and having two more children to go with the two that I already had.  All four children  love each other as if they have the same mother and father and it's awesome to see them together as siblings.  They make me so proud. 

The other day Lil O started a conversation with me and it went something like this,

“Is daddy H and B’s daddy to?”

I guess I’d just never thought it an issue to bring up that the kids have different dads before.  I thought it was rather cute myself for Lil O to come to me about all of this. 

My response, “Well, no honey, your daddy is not H’s and B’s daddy.  A long time ago I met their daddy and we fell in love and then we had H and B.  Our marriage didn’t last like we had hoped so we decided to not live together anymore.  Then years later I met your daddy and we fell in love.”

“Then you got married!” she says with a smile.

“Yes honey, we got married and had you and Baby M.”

She just smiled at our little girl talk not upset that her daddy wasn’t their daddy.  She’s just happy in love that she has a wonderful big sister and a wonderful big brother, even if she does torment them all the time.

Isn’t that what little sisters are for anyway?


Divorce Blogger said…
Recent research has shown that the negative effects that a divorce can have on children can be negated through effective step-parenting so it's great to see how well your family get along.

Thanks for the post!