Acuna Matta

Today we took the kids to see The Lion King at the theater!  It was awesome!!!!!  This was H's favorite movie when she was a toddler all those years ago and when we heard it was coming out again we knew the Supermom family would be going!

It was perfect for our Sunday outing. 

It was like I was seeing it for the very first time and I was all weepy and such all through the movie.

It's been crazy busy here the past few days.  Friday we went out to eat with friends and then everyone came back to our house to enjoy wine and talk.  It was great!  Saturday, Superdad made me get out and work in the yard.  We trimmed up on the ivy that goes along the steps to our front yard.  That was hard work!!!!

After that I summoned up the energy to go through all the baby clothes in the basement because I have found a home for them.  Since I will no longer be using them they need to have another home to clothe another itty bitty baby.  I got all weepy seeing all the tiny pink clothes that the babies have worn over the years.  I kept a few pieces but mostly have them all ready for their new home.

After going through the clothes and making a huge mess in the basement I thought it would be the perfect time to clean up the basement.  I made three big piles, Goodwill, trash and recycle.  Oh, and the dust bunny pile.  What in the world was I thinking to take on such a big task?!?!?!?

But the basement it making steps all in the right direction.  I’ve set up a TV and an older Xbox up so the kids can relax and hang down there.  There are already a bunch of toys down there because the basement is sort of, where the toys go to be forgotten about and then taken to Goodwill.  Like the Island of Misfit Toys, we have the "Basement of Where Toys go to be Forgotten".  *Such is life.*

I have a toddler bed set up against an area to make a modern low to the ground couch for the TV and Xbox.  Ha ha.  You work with what you have to work with.  Baby M even set up a dollhouse down there.

There’s still more that can be done but Superdad will have to do it because it’s his stuff.

No worries because life is good.


Katie said…
I took the 2 little ones to see Lion King in 3D yesterday & it was awesome! They had seen it on video before, but seeing it on the big screen is amazing. And I loved the 3D. Especially the opening scene. We sang along with the songs, teared up even though we knew what was coming... its still such an incredible movie. (And an incredible drain on my wallet Oh My Goodness!)

I love the toddlerbed idea! Its like a mini-futon... toss a pillow against the wall and bam! You may have started a new trend.
Supermom said…
I agree!!!!!! AWESOME!!!! I was singing along and moving in my seat!

Tell me about it draining the wallet!! GEESH!!!

ha ha Thanks. If it gets marketed, I deserve a cut.