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The Playboy Club

I got sucked into a TV show last night and I’m surprised to say that I rather enjoyed it a lot.  The Playboy Club has aired two shows and I had to watch both of them last night after watching the first one.  I love the whole look and feel of the show.  Times were so different in Chicago during the 60’s.  It intrigued me. 

I’m really loving Nick Dalton and think he’s totally yummy.  His character reminds me of Don Draper on Mad Men.  (The whole show reminds me of Mad Men actually, I wouldn't be surprised to see Don and Roger walk in for drinks one night.)  Dresses to the nine and enjoys the ladies.  Who doesn’t love that in a character?  Don’t get me started on how beautiful Maureen is!!!  She’s a total knockout!!! 

Has anyone else seen this new Fall show?  Opinions please.

An "if you don't swing, don't ring".

Meet Bestselling Picture Book Creator Peter Brown

Meet Bestselling Picture Book Creator Peter Brown
This Friday, September 30th at 4:00pm

Spellbound Children’s Bookshop
19 Wall Street, Asheville, NC 28801
Hours: 10 am - 6 pm Tuesday - Saturday, Noon - 5 pm Sundays

Cooking with Kids
Oatmeal Cookies

It's really important to get the kids in the kitchen to help even at a young age.   I enjoy having my kids help me and I'm so happy that they enjoy helping in the kitchen.  Let's make some COOKIES!!!

Oatmeal Cookies

Day 4 without Carmex

I'm amazed at how nice my lips feel since I gave up Carmex!!  They don't feel dry or in need of lip balm!  I'm surprised.  I just knew my lips would get dry and crack without using my beloved yellow tube of happiness but they didn't.  They are just fine!

If they do feel a bit dry, like after I brush my teeth, I grab some organic lip balm and that's it.  I don't carry any in my pocket, or the minivan or have a tube stashed in my bathroom.

Life without Carmex has been great!!!

Are you a Carmex junkie?  Walk away.....  Walk away.....

Wordless Wednesday

A picture of our six year old taken by our three year old.

This picture is dying for a caption.

The wheels on the minivan
will not turn, will not turn.

WonderwomanMom's Jag, AKA my minivan, will not run due to a dead battery since yesterday.  I've had a morning off from taking the kids to school because I have had no power!  You'd think a Super Hero’s van would run when you wanted it to run!  You’d never see Batman working on a dead battery or Wonder Woman calling the auto service to jump her jet off.

It’s okay though because I’ve enjoyed the time off by crawling back in bed after the kids headed to school.  I snatched up Sophie the Superdog and crawled back into my warm bed.  It’s a rule in the house, if the beds still warm you can crawl back in it.  Since the electric blanket had been on, my side was still warm.  Imagine that, so I jumped right on in.  Baby M jumping on the bed couldn’t even spoil my moment of warmness and Sophie snuggling.

Let's get Crafty
Homemade Wrapping Paper

Making a special birthday even more special!! Just grab some large paper and the markers for your little one to color a masterpiece. 

**Don't have any large plain paper, try the back of some wrapping paper that you already have or cut up a large brown paper bag.**

I sat Lil O down to color a beautiful picture for her friend's birthday present.

Plan a game night at your house.

The Adventures of Supermom believes in quality family fun!

You don't always have to leave your house for Kid Friendly Family Fun.  Get out the games, order some pizza, chips & dip and bring on the cold beer then enjoy!

How about starting a tradition with your children or grandchildren?? Plan a game night. Children as young as three even enjoy this family fun.

If you plan on inviting more family and friends to your family fun here are a few ideas to make your night a big success.

Disney's D-Lightful Living
School Lunch Makeover

This Weeks Challenge
School Lunch Makeover

Busy school days demand proper refueling at lunch. To keep kids – and moms – satisfied, Disney has provide an array of tasty, nutritious options and fun lunch necessities.  Packing lunches feels like a chore for me because I'm always trying to find healthy choices for the kids to eat.  Week after week I have to come up with a different plan of action for their lunch boxes.

Acuna Matta

Today we took the kids to see The Lion King at the theater!  It was awesome!!!!!  This was H's favorite movie when she was a toddler all those years ago and when we heard it was coming out again we knew the Supermom family would be going!

It was perfect for our Sunday outing. 

It was like I was seeing it for the very first time and I was all weepy and such all through the movie.

It's been crazy busy here the past few days.  Friday we went out to eat with friends and then everyone came back to our house to enjoy wine and talk.  It was great!  Saturday, Superdad made me get out and work in the yard.  We trimmed up on the ivy that goes along the steps to our front yard.  That was hard work!!!!

Flashback Friday

Stop whatever you are doing and get up and DANCE!!!!!!   I am!!  Come on, shake it!!!!!!


Living under a microscope.

Today, I forgot to get Lil O from school and realized it when I was almost at the high school to collect the teenager.  I had to turn around and rush back to get Lil O at school.  Superdad asked me what was on my mind but I didn’t want to tell him.

He’d just fuss and say to not let it get to me.  But I’m tired of it hence me writing this blog post.  I want you to know some of the things that a blogger must face behind the scenes.   I’ve been blogging for seven years and I’ve done pretty well at it I believe.  I have faithful fans and companies that I work for.  Blogging has been good to me and my family.

There’s a woman that went to high school with me that I friended on Facebook couple years ago and she became curious with blogging.  I even helped her design a blog and I even welcomed her into my home.  I treat people the way that I want to be treated even though others had warned me about being friends with this person.  But I stood my ground and treated her kindly.

What's on the telly?

*skipping around the house*

Fall is in the air and the new shows are coming out on the telly and it's time to pick out the ones you want to watch and the ones you don't want to waste your time on.

For me it's easy, I'm not a big telly buff so I only let myself have a few shows for entertainment.  The telly is such a time suck and some people can spend hours a day in front of it, me not being one of those people.  (Unless I cannot sleep in the middle of the night then you will find me watching The Golden Girl Marathons.)

Here are some shows that I love to watch.  My time is valuable so why waste time on crap TV?

What's cooking in your kitchen?

With Fall in the air and the temperature getting into the 50's my body starts to crave the warmth of homemade soup.  Soup is a specialty of mine and never the same twice, it only gets better!

Yesterday I made some TASTY homemade soup and it warmed us right up.  Here's my basic recipe and one of the joys is you can add anything in the fridge or freezer to make a tasty soup for your family.

Disney's D-Lightful Living
Skin Care All Year Long

This Weeks Challenge
Skin Care All Year Long

I am proud to admit that I am a sunscreen and insect repellent junkie when it comes to my kids.  I’ve always been that way with them no matter where we go; vacation or a walk around the neighborhood.  Taking care of my skin is very important to me and I hope that I’ve taught my kids to take care of their skin as well.  I want them to know the dangers of skin cancer from the sun so they know how important it is to protect their skin from getting burned when they are outside.

Week in Review

No, your eyes aren't failing you!  I've recorded a Vlog!!!

Supermom family is great!  I'm working with Disney on a project and the kids are loving it.  Thanks to all the companies that are sending me all these awesome products in the mail to review.  I apologize to my poor UPS, FedEx and mail man about those 20 steps to my front porch.

Teenage daughter was nominated for the Levine Scholars Program at UNC Charlotte!  We are so proud of her!  She's amazing!

I've been working with Liberty Street Baggage right here in Asheville.  Check out the giveaway on this blog, the link is at the top of the page.

I'm reading Brandwashed at the moment and I love it!  I will be reviewing it on Supermom Reviews when I am finished.

Baby M makes a quick appearance and at least she's wearing clothes!

Feeling Sexy After Kids

Taken 9-15-2011 

A woman’s body changes after kids in ways that some cannot understand and at times we feel self-conscious about the way our body looks.  I’m blogging to tell you how I feel about my body and the things I do to make myself feel all sexy, on the outside and in my head. 

I’ve had four kids, reaching 180 pounds the day I went to have Baby M.  No joke!  I was huge!

1 day to go belly
The day before Baby M was born.

After having all four kids my body felt like a bowl of jelly, all wiggly and such.  I most definitely had a baby belly for sure!  Let me describe my body a bit, how it looks after children.  I have a lot of stretch marks from my breasts to my knees, some that are very pronounced but they don’t bother me.  I have a baby pouch, like a momma kangaroo.  No kidding.  Too bad it doesn’t have a pocket to store other things other than fat cells. 

Now that I’ve stopped nursing my breasts are finally going back to their normal size.  YAY!!!  Yes, they have stretch marks on them from pregnancy and being FULL of milk but they are my breasts.  Even though my breasts aren’t the same as when I was 18 I still love them.  When I see them naked in a mirror I think of how they’ve nursed four babies, giving them nourishment to grow.  That’s an amazing feeling, knowing that I was able to do that for my children.  I helped them grow strong and be so healthy.

Then there’s my baby belly.  It still wiggles and jiggles and the baby has fun showing me that it is like jello.  It doesn’t bother me.  So what, it’s my belly.  It’s carried four babies to term.  It’s held them and kept them safe from the outside world.  When I’m naked, in panties or a bathing suit you can tell that I’ve had babies, even if they aren’t with me because of my belly.  I don’t care.  A baby belly doesn’t make you any less sexy and in fact it should enhance your sexiness because of the things that your body can do.  We give the miracle of life.

I’ve realized that there are things that I do, that make me feel all sexy, about my baby belly and I thought I’d share them with you. 

~ Forget the butt dental floss or bikini panties and actually wear panties that cover your baby belly.  Who says that “granny panties” cannot be sexy?  I disagree.  I love wearing panties that actually cover my baby belly instead of confining it to small scraps of fabric and string that actually doesn’t look good and in turn makes you realize that you do have a baby belly.

Some of my panties.
See how sexy!?!?!?

Pair your panties with a sexy lacy bra and you’d be surprised at how awesome you look in the mirror and the smile that will appear all over your face!  I know that it helped me feel better about my belly, seeing that sexy woman looking back in the mirror. 

The key thing is loving who you are, baby body and all then the rest is just icing on the cake, as they say.  I don’t have that 17 year old body anymore and that’s okay.  I have had four children and think I look sexy at 37 years old with the body that I do have now.

It may not be perfect for models these days but personally I think they need to eat a burger and fries more often.  Seeing stick thin models discourages me at times because most women don't look that way.  Also, don’t even start comparing yourself to superstar moms who are super thin six weeks after giving birth.  Remember they have personal chefs, nannies, housekeepers and personal trainers.  Yeah, if I had that then perhaps my body would be a bit different, but would it change how I live?  No, it just would mean I could wear a bikini again and …  ummm… no, that’s about all it would be.

I hope that perhaps I’ve made you see your body in a different light, a beautiful baby body light.  Just take a look at The Shape of a Mother to see other moms, like me, who are brave to bare their baby body for all to see.

*PS.  I wasn't compensated for posting this, I'm just sharing a tip on what makes me feel sexy.**

I love Vaseline Lotion.

I bought this lotion today and I'm already in love with it!!!!!  As you know this time last year I had already filmed a Vaseline Webfilm and signed up to go on the Vaseline Dry Skin Patrol to do cold weather activities spreading the word about Vaseline Intensive Rescue Lotion!  We went to awesome places like:



New York City


It was the most amazing experience that I will remember forever. 

I just wanted to share my love of another Vaseline product, the cocoa butter lotion.  Try it, you'll like it.

**I wasn't compensated in any way to post this, I'm just sharing some Vaseline love.**

I bet baby soup tastes like chicken.

My poor Baby M
I’ve had two sick babies home the past two days so I thought I’d talk about them for a few minutes on The Adventures of Supermom.  It’s either that or watch iCarly with Lil O, her new obsession.  At least it isn’t that dreadful Fresh Beat Band.  Fresh Beat Band drives me insanely insane and makes me want to run around the house screaming as I cover my ears.  Another problem I have is their real age, come on they’ve got to be in their (later) 20’s and acting like young teens dancing around and singing.  It drives me nuts!!!!!!

Oh, another show that I cannot stand is Max & Ruby or is it Ruby & Max?  I’ve been making fun of that show for years!  Come on!!!  They are bunnies, who multiply like crazy, and you never see parents.  Here’s what I think went down, Ruby got pregnant at an early age and had Max.  That’s why you never see their parents.  It’s all a HOAX!  That’s why Ruby is so BOSSY!!!!  And she’s bossy!!!  It gets on my nerves. 

Don’t hold back Michelle, tell us how you really feel, why don’t you!

What show drives you crazy?

Since the kids are sick Superdad indulges them with organic pop tarts and Sprite (not organic) to make them feel better.   Baby M calls them Pop Cards and we totally think it’s the most adorable thing in the world!  Isn’t that what all parents say, “My kid is the best in the whole wide world!’?  At least I don’t have one of those silly bumper stickers on my van that says something about being an honor student or something like that.  I’ve not being seeing as much of those as I usually do, does that mean we are dumbing down in America or they just don’t fit in with the budget these days?  I’m just sayin’….

Another saying that Baby M says is “Baby Soup”.  Do you think you can guess what she’s really trying to say??  Comment below with what you think it is and I’ll let you know if you are right!

I look forward to hearing what you have to say!  So, tell me what kids show/shows drive you crazy and then guess to see what Baby M is saying when she says, “Baby Soup”.

Wordless Wednesday

A sneak peak at H's senior pics taken by Monica Ingle at Real and True Photography.

Disney's D-Lightful Living
Smart Morning Choices

This Weeks Challenge
Make Smart Morning Choices

Good morning from the Supermom family to yours! This morning I want to talk about getting the kids fed before school because I know it can be a very busy time and sometimes it’s over looked. Then you have kids that aren’t making smart choices about breakfast for a busy day of learning and then they end up starving and unable to concentrate way before lunch time.

Remember breakfast is the most important meal of the day so here are some tips to help your family make smart choices every day this week.   It’s important to empower your kids to make their own smart choices by allowing them to pick their own cereal, within the healthy range of course.  And don’t forget the yogurt because kids can get extra calcium and Vitamin D with just one cup of yogurt.

A healthy bowl of cereal and a cup of yogurt is the perfect breakfast for your kids heading to school for a day of learning and a busy mom like me.

Another good way to help your kids get the essential nutrients they need is to add a gummie vitamin to their morning routine.  All four of my kids love the gummie vitamins and they always remember them in the morning when they are eating breakfast.

It’s always a special treat to see what princess they get as they dance them around their bowl of cereal before they are eaten.

After breakfast is finished we cannot forget about caring for our teeth.   A family that cares for their teeth together establishes healthy brushing habits that will last a lifetime.  It’s important to create consistent routines for your kids like brushing their teeth at the same time each morning which would be after eating their breakfast, then when they get home from school after their snack and right before bedtime.

Helping your children make smart decisions on healthy living now will encourage them to keep these awesome routines going through their adulthood and then one day they will be teaching their children.

All ready for school thanks to a nutritious breakfast and healthy brushing habits!

Be sure to visit  the D-Lightful Living page on Disney Living Facebook to find out information on each weekly challenge and join in the online forum to share your own tips toward healthier habits and enter to win a weekly Disney-branded product prize package.

I am being compensated as a Disney Brand Ambassador but since I am an organic family already, I'm happy that Disney shares my opinion about kids eating healthy and starting healthy routines!  The opinions expressed belong to me, Michelle Lee.  Thank you Disney!



Weekly Challenges Provide Simple Steps to Animate Daily Routines with the
Help of Disney-Branded Products

Getting kids to become animated about healthy lifestyle habits is not always easy.  Today Disney Consumer Products (DCP) announces an exciting new program to help equip parents and busy families with the tools they need to incorporate more of these habits into a busy schedule.

Through a series of weekly challenges over the course of 12 weeks, D-Lightful Living: Animate Your Daily Routine will give parents tips inspired by fun Disney-branded products on how to help motivate their families to make simple and easy changes like eating more fruits and vegetables, improving oral care habits and preparing for cold and flu season.    Hosted on DCP’s official Facebook page known as Disney Living, each week DCP will feature a video challenge from the “Go-To Mom,” Kimberley Clayton Blaine – a mom blogger, child development expert and licensed child therapist. She will showcase simple tips and product suggestions to help other parents guide their kids toward a healthier lifestyle using products that feature their favorite Disney characters. The program will run weekly through the end of November.

Tonight is GNO!

I've been looking forward to Girls Night Out for two weeks now and it's finally here!  YAY!!!!  Since Fall is in the air I think I'll wear a sweater tonight!  I love sweater weather.  It's a cozy time of year for sure and I'm totally loving it.

Today Lil  O went for a physical for first grade and she's growing like a weed as they say.  Since they pricked her finger for blood and she had a hysterical fit over it, I took her to get a milkshake afterward.    A mom's got to do what a moms go to do.

I had mentioned that I needed to stop by Liberty Street Baggage to get a picture and pick up something, so she wanted to go.  I told her it would be like a field trip because she could see the fabric and watch Lexie sew a handbag right in front of her eyes.  I didn’t mind letting her tag along for my quick errand. 

She loved it! 

After our quick errand it was time for lunch, which is when we realized that there was no need to take her to school because I’d just drop her off and turn right back around to pick her up.  So, Lil O got a free day off from school.  She’s been lying on the couch though feeling kind of puny. 

So, this leads me to now.  I received some cool packages in the mail and cannot wait to share what was inside them tomorrow.  I need to fix a quiche to feed the family and then get dressed for GNO!

Cooking a delicious meal is as easy
as one baking dish.

I'm sure you can guess that any meal time here can be very chaotic and sometimes stressful if there are too many people in my small kitchen so when I can make a delicious meal in ONE POT, I do it.  It’s very easy!!  Instead of using several pots and pans, just grab your glass casserole dish!

Just grab an assortment of veggies from the fridge and start adding them to the dish.  It doesn’t matter what you add because you cannot go wrong. 

Tonight I peeled and cubed some sweet potatoes,  peeled and cut up some carrots, chopped some onion, shredded some cabbage, threw in a cup of frozen peas and I cut up some chicken sausage (with spinach and garlic).  Pour lots of olive oil in dish and stir.  Sprinkle with salt and place in oven, preheated at 375.  Stir after 25 minutes then cook for about 30 more.  When your potatoes are done then remove from oven.

The Blended Family

Today you will find a lot of "blended" families and it's nothing to be "ashamed" of if your family is like ours.  Life happens and sometimes it is out of your control.  People change with age and such.  I never really thought about being remarried and having two more children to go with the two that I already had.  All four children  love each other as if they have the same mother and father and it's awesome to see them together as siblings.  They make me so proud. 

The other day Lil O started a conversation with me and it went something like this,

“Is daddy H and B’s daddy to?”

I guess I’d just never thought it an issue to bring up that the kids have different dads before.  I thought it was rather cute myself for Lil O to come to me about all of this. 

My response, “Well, no honey, your daddy is not H’s and B’s daddy.  A long time ago I met their daddy and we fell in love and then we had H and B.  Our marriage didn’t last like we had hoped so we decided to not live together anymore.  Then years later I met your daddy and we fell in love.”

“Then you got married!” she says with a smile.

“Yes honey, we got married and had you and Baby M.”

She just smiled at our little girl talk not upset that her daddy wasn’t their daddy.  She’s just happy in love that she has a wonderful big sister and a wonderful big brother, even if she does torment them all the time.

Isn’t that what little sisters are for anyway?

I tried it, so now you don't have to.
I'm nice like that.

I love organic whole milk yogurt in all assorted flavors!  I also LOVE coffee!  When we were grocery shopping Saturday I came across some coffee yogurt with cream on top.  Of course I thought "YUMMY" must try this yogurt because I thought:

Whole Milk Yogurt + Coffee = Delicious Afternoon Treat.

I was wrong. 

Very wrong.

I didn't like it at all.  It just didn't taste good.

You're very welcome for me sparing you the awful taste of this yogurt.  I'm so sorry Brown Cow because I love all your yogurt, just not this one.  Perhaps if it was sweeter and maybe some vanilla in it then I might like it more.

Might being the key word there. 

I guess I will just stick to vanilla or maple yogurt because you cannot go wrong with the basic flavors.  One of my favorite healthy treats is organic whole milk vanilla yogurt with granola and blueberries!  YUMMY!!!  

All this yogurt talk is making me hungry.

**I bought this yogurt myself at the grocery store and I'm sharing my personal opinion of this flavor.  I mean no disrespect to Brown Cow and will continue to buy their maple and vanilla yogurt.**

Del Monte “Teacher Monday: Cash for Classrooms.”

Del Monte sent Supermom a bunch of goodies to go along with all the awesome coupons to giveaway.  They had wanted a teacher to win the nice box of goodies but I had a better idea that is very much similar to what they wanted.

I picked an Elementary School close to our house that I donated the goodies to along with the $25.00 in gift certificates that they gave me for my personal use.  I told the head teacher that they could have a party of something with all the fresh fruit and goodies thanks to Del Monte and Supermom.

I'm feeling rather social today.

I’m feeling better today after the yellow jacket traumatic event and even less itchy.  Now, my wrist is starting to itch since I typed that sentence.  You know it’s my brain playing tricks on me.  *scratching*

I’m sitting on my couch with my laptop in my lap, of course, with my faithful pup lying beside me.  Wherever I go, she goes and that includes watching me pee in the potty.  Not only do I have kids walking in on me in the bathroom, my dog does too.  Lovely.  One of the perks of being a mom, never having a moment to yourself even if you are in the bathroom.

Yesterday, Disney sent three boxes full of stuff to my house to start my Disney Blog Ambassador gig this month.  It looks like Disney threw up in the house, in a very good way I might add.  I have a lot of food products in the kitchen and fridge and everything else is sitting taking over my desk.  The two smaller kids were jumping up for joy when I was unpacking the boxes.  It was cute.  I’ve had to threaten them “HANDS OFF” until we are ready to use them.  I hope that works….

It’s already Thursday and I cannot believe it.  Where did the week go?  What have I been doing?  I look around for progress and I don’t see much.  The bathroom mats have been washed.  Ummm, I cleaned off the couch and chair in the living room.   That’s about it.  I need to vacuum, dust and work on laundry.  A mom’s work is never really done.  Once we think we are finished we actually just have to start all over again.

Okay, with that being said I’m going to work on the vicious cycle that I call housework.

Friendship Bread, Day 10, Baking Day

Pour your bag into a plastic, glass or ceramic bowl. Add more flour, sugar and milk.

Mix well.

Pour one cup of mixture into a clean ziplock bag! Bake or give to a friend.

You can also freeze at this point.