When two people love each other....

Do you see where I’m going with this? Sort of in the direction you are thinking but in a twisted way.

The other night Superdad and I were in a passionate embrace when Sophie the Superdog jumped up on our bed where I quickly pushed her back off.

Sophie the Superdog = Crazy dog.

After... I hear Superdad say this to Sophie, “When two people love each other…..”

It was hilarious, just not at the moment when it happened.

Not only do we have to worry about kids walking in we now have to worry about the dog jumping on the bed out of curiosity.

*Since Superdad didn’t like the way I originally wrote this in my comical way of explaining things, I changed it up a bit. Here’s the original version in code.*

The other night when Superdad and I were riding the waves of passion rather enjoying ourselves and the neighbors would agree. Sophie the Superdog jumps up on the bed at the most climatic time where I had to  push her right back off the bed.