Priceless! She thought the Adult Warehouse would have been bigger.

While traveling back home apparently Vanessa and Anna kept seeing these signs for an Adult Warehouse.  "Like World's Biggest Ball of Yarn" or "World's Biggest Ant Farm".  Remember I was passed out in the backseat thanks to car sick meds drooling on my pillow. 

I woke up as we were getting off the exit to visit the Adult Warehouse of sex toys and porn unsure of what was waiting for me on the other side of the doors. 

As we were getting out of the car Anna said the best thing!!!!

"I thought it would be bigger."

That was priceless.

I was impressed with the sex toy and porn warehouse.  It was well lit and very clean.  No funny business about it where a person would be afraid to touch anything without wearing a non-latex glove.  (I'm allergic to latex.) 

You'll have to ask Superdad if I purchased anything because I'm not telling.  :)