Packing a healthy lunch for your kids.

Since school is back in session packing the lunches has started for two of my children.  Packing lunches is a tradition that I could actually do without since I already have a very busy schedule at home.  It cannot be helped for Lil O because at her Montessori School they don’t have a lunch room to serve lunches so a nice healthy lunch must be packed for Lil O.

Then there’s my son who prefers a cold sandwich and pretzels instead of a hot school lunch.  Figure that one out why don’t you.  Seriously, he’d rather have a cold bologna and cheese sandwich, chips, apple and water.  This whole thing just doesn’t make sense to me because I’d prefer the hot lunch any day.

Do you know what Lil O prefers to eat Monday through Friday and she’s not up for change either.  I wonder if the school thinks I’m a lazy parent because it’s all I send to school but it’s the only thing she wants for lunch so I pack it that way for her. 

A sunbutter and jelly sandwich, maple yogurt, some sort of fruit or veggie and water.  Then for a snack I pack some crackers and cheese.  That’s all.  On rare occasions she will let me pack some leftovers from dinner but more often she prefers her sandwich.

I guess it can’t be all bad since everything is organic.  Right?