My day told through Facebook updates.

There's nothing like getting attacked by yellow jackets to start the day! Baby M and I have a few bites between us. It was a very scary ordeal and I keep crying when I think about it. She's handling it a bit better then me. I'm going to the couch to whine some more.
11 hours ago

Okay, so I've been sleeping most of the day thanks to Dr Benedryl. Stings aren't hurting so much except my wrist and my bottom lip. I feel like Angelina Jolie! Baby M is fine, she won't let us touch her though. Sorry I've not been on today I've been sleeping.
5 hours ago

Yellow Jackets are MEAN!!!! OMG! They were all over us at once. In our hair, ears, on our clothes. I was ripping Baby M out of her clothes and swatting them off her that I didn't feel them on me. (We were at our neighbors and they were landscaping when they hit the nest.) I was worried about their dogs because the bees were eating them alive and I remember trying to pick one of the dogs up and get him to safety. Once we had returned home the adrenalin was gone and I just cried. The pain set in and I called Superdad to come home from work because all Baby M and I could do was cry.
5 hours ago

I want to thank everyone for the comments of well wishes and advice to stop the stinging.  I'm okay tonight pretty much, my wrist hurts and my lip.  Baby M is acting as if nothing even happened. 

Night night.  Be back tomorrow to blog and work on reviews.