Liberty Street Baggage, Asheville North Carolina

I’m blogging to tell you all about Liberty Street Baggage a local company in my town.  I was able to meet these two amazing women Saundra and Lexie this past Monday and talk about the business.  Liberty Street Baggage designs, sews and sales the most amazing bags you have ever seen.    It’s nice to see a company that does everything from start to finish in their small space.

Upon entering Liberty Street Bags you will see a wide assortment of handbags, luggage, Bible covers, fabric and much much more.  You can see their craftsmanship and see how well these products are made!  They are made with top notch fabric and sewn with care.  No two alike, well unless you want them that way.

Liberty Street Baggage is joining the big WWW after years of making their handmade products and I’m so happy that they have asked me to help them.   They now have a Facebook Fan page, a Twitter Page and a YouTube account.  Be sure to follow all of them for regular updates about what’s being sewn, AWESOME sales, and hear how Liberty Street Bags is giving back to the community.

I love Liberty Street Baggage so much that I’ve been there every day this past week to talk, take pictures and give them some fresh friendship bread.  I’ve also begged them to think of me for long-term employment down the road when they are worldwide famous!!!  And they will be worldwide famous!

Here are some random pictures I took in the store.

Who's that hiding in the fabric?

Here are some bags all ready to be sewn.

Here are a few samples of the swatches of fabric.

Have you heard about the Smart-Pack Sac?  It’s awesome!  The Smart-Pack Sac is designed especially for wheelchairs because using an average book bag just doesn’t work on a wheelchair because they are hard to use and their straps hang down too far.  These bags are amazing!  Adults and kids love them on their chairs!  They can be designed especially for the chair that will be used with the fabric that is picked out to match their style.  This bag will last forever!

You can also get bags for a walker, making everything convenient to reach.  These can be designed to match your very own personal style! 

There are many other designs as well and you can check them out at Smart-Pack Sac.

Another amazing product that Liberty Street Baggage designed and makes is the Got Your Back Sac.  This bag is perfect and everyone should own one or three!  Use it for shopping, laundry, going to the beach, camping and insert every occasion where you need a bag!  No more filling up the landfills with plastic bags that will be there forever!  Go Green with the Got Your Back Sac!!!   When your bag is not in use the bag folds into itself so you can throw it in your purse, diaper bag, book bag or the glove box of your car. 

I could go on and on about Liberty Street Bags!  I love them and so glad that I am able to help tell everyone about their amazing company.

Please feel free to share our Facebook and Twitter pages!  We’d like that since we just started them this week.

Be on the lookout for a Liberty Street Giveaway!  I have three amazing bags that I will be giving away to three lucky people!


Sara-Lynn said…
I hope there is a way I can get one in VA! They are just too cute!
Supermom said…
Yes, you can order them by phone or email. The main site will be up in about 10 days *crossing fingers* then they can be ordered there.