It’s impossible to get pregnant when you don’t have a uterus.

Life after my hysterectomy has been just grand!  Fabulous!  Refreshing!  Amazing!  Awesome!  It’s been over seven months since my surgery and I feel back to normal finally.  Well, I don’t think anyone would call me normal to begin with.  Ha ha.

It’s also been sad at times when I remember that I cannot have children.  I will see a pregnant woman or a newborn and get all these ooey gooey feelings of wanting an itty bitty baby to hold, nurse and wear around the house then I realize I cannot.
It takes having a uterus to have a baby and since I don’t have one of those….

Then I remember how awesome it is to not have a period!  YAY!!!!  *insert happy dance*  Then I remember how awesome I feel now that I am recovered from the surgery.  Sex after the surgery is really really really nice too.  Just in case you were wondering.

Sigh.  It’s okay that I don’t have a uterus because I’m so blessed with the children I have and I am thankful.  Let me just get these kids raised, through college, see them married and hold my grandbabies and I’ll be fine.  I’ll be more than fine, I’ll be amazingly happy!  

There’s no rush on any of the above though.