It’s all sunshine and roses until!!!!

You find a grey hair in your eyebrows!!!!

Not any stray hair either!!  One that is rather attached and moved in making friends with my other eyebrow hair!  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind grey hair and in fact have a lot of it on my head!  I have thick luxurious hair that happens to have a lot of grey in it.

But but……

To find a grey hair in my eyebrows is just too much for my young thirty-seven year old body to take!

Do I pluck it?  Do I leave it alone?  Do I wear it like a badge of honor??  Hell yeah, I have four kids, one husband and one Superdog and the grey lash in my eyebrows to prove it????!?!?!?

What if more move in???  What if a whole neighborhood of grey lashes takes over?????

*gasp*  I’m going to go cry now.


WarmSunshine said…
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Supermom said…
Awesome. Nice to meet you!