I knew it would happen one day...

…I had just hoped it wouldn’t have been only four days in.    I have no shame in broadcasting that I take the kids to school in my jammies and sometimes my bathrobe if it’s cold out.  I’m in too big of a rush in the morning to worry about what I’m wearing so I never change clothes.

This morning it bit me in the butt.

I get to Lil O’s school to realize they are turning everyone away because there is no power.  No biggie because I’m having this discussion from the minivan window.   All is right in the world so we head home.  I haven’t even been in the house five minutes when my friend Jen texts that power is back on to head back with Lil O.  It’s all good.  We pack back up in the car to head back to school.

I get in the drop-off spot and there’s no one is sight.  Where’s the person that will collect my precious cargo from the van and escort her inside???? 


I assess my appearance in the mirror and cringe!!!  Bed head, no make-up, over sized tee, no BRA and boxer shorts!!!!!!!  Not to mention this pimple that came up yesterday from all the damn chocolate I’ve been eating.  I don’t even have my purse to wipe some powder on my face so I appear less scary to little kids!!!  NOTHING but my Droid, license and carmex!!!!! 


I take Lil O out of the minivan and walk my baby to class in my jammies.  My friend Jen is there thankfully and I’m laughing about being in my jammies as I'm standing there among total strangers.

Busted on the fourth day of school for not changing clothes before dropping Lil O off at her NEW SCHOOL where they don’t know me just yet.  They don’t know I’m that wacky woman who blogs and talks about her personal life on the WWW just for fun! 

Oh well, it can only get better, right?  Cooler weather will be here soon and my jammies will cover more!


Sara-Lynn said…
I do the same thing when I take ML to daycare! At least she doesn't start school yet so I haven't been busted there! LOL!
Ummm so I start school myself on Monday and was hoping nobody would care if I attended in my PJ's!
diannaray said…
This made me LOL literally- I'm totally terrified of leaving the house braless, but have on occassion left in my sleepy sweats and slippers- but I'm a bit of "hippy" according to the mommies in my playgroups so I'm not sure if I wore my pj's out anyone would think it was unusual for me, lol...