I guess you've noticed the changes.

Yesterday my blog went through a few changes, okay it went through a lot of major changes.  I was terrified at the thought of someone touching my blog because I always design my own header and find the perfect background to go on the blog.  I was also afraid that it would be bows, flowers and ribbons and we all know, or you do now, that I am NOT a girly girl girl person and flowers, ribbons and pink isn't me at all.


I was able to pick out the kit and find the perfect "cartoon" to represent Supermom.  Coffee, laptop and glasses is me to a tee.  *Plus I like that I have cleavage!*  ha ha  I know it's silly of me but the cleavage tickles me.  ha ha

Leah at Cutsie Blog Designs was very patient with going through the changes and I had a lot that I wanted to make.  What can I say?  I'm extremely picky and since it's something that I have to live with then I want it to look the way I imagined it.

I love it!  If you want a new header or blog layout then I would recommend Leah for the job! 

Thank you Leah for helping this Supermom find the perfect layout for my home away from home.  You did an excellent job!


Very purty...only change I'd make is to add a couple of kids, pulling on your shirt, crying on the floor behind you, asking for the keys to the car. THEN it would TRULY be you :)
Supermom said…
Yeah, and now go ahead and add throw up on my shirt!