Hot dogs and cake pops and s'mores oh my ...

From Hershey's Site

Today has been a real lovely day because I was able to spend it with my family and friends.  We had a wonderful cookout to celebrate school starting this week.  *happy dance* 

I threw some dawgs on the grill to go along with cole slaw, baked beans, chips and chili.  It was yummy!!!!!  For dessert Baby M wanted me to make S’mores since she had never had one before.

*It’s all she has been talking about since we watched the movie Sandlot, where they make S’mores in the tree house, so I bought the things to make them today for her.  One, to hush her up and two, so she’d realize that they aren’t all that special.*

I sat by the grill roasting marshmallows, then throwing them on Hershey's chocolate bars and graham crackers then smushing them together getting chocolate everywhere!  They were so sweet that I was only able to get two bites down and Monica was only able to get one bite down.  Too sweet for me. 

After the food we just all sat on my front porch talking and laughing at my expense mostly.  Ha ha 

Then we grilled H’s boyfriend who had also joined us for the cookout.  I hope he was okay about all the ragging we did.  If he sticks around he’ll have to get used to our crazy clan is all I can say.  Since he is 19 and H is 17, he will not be starting school with her on Thursday.  I guess that is sad for them both to not be able to see each other during the school day.  But he lives in our area so it’s not like they won’t ever get to see each other.  I’m sure he’ll be a fixture around the house from now on.

Anyway, Sophie the Superdog is asleep in my lap.  I was pretty sure that Monica was going to try and sneak her home with her.  But she’s still here safe and sound because I guess she knew we’d do a search of her car before she left.  Ha ha.   I wuv my puppy.

Okay, I’ve already helped Lil O get her first day outfit ready and her book bag laid out.  Tomorrow is only a 1/2 day so I don’t have to pack her lunch tomorrow.  She’s excited about seeing her friends and making new friends.  We spent about an hour yesterday finding the perfect first day outfit while we were shopping.  She picked out a beautiful Hello Kitty shirt and a skirt to match!!!  She’s going to be beautiful all dolled up for the first day of school.

Wow, is school really starting this week?