Homemade Cooking at its best.

I'm bragging right now because of the meal that I just made for my family. It was delicious. Mouthwatering I want more good!!!! My Mamaw gave me this pretty ham bone with ham on it from Easter dinner and I threw it in my freezer for the perfect moment. The perfect moment was yesterday. I don’t know why it was the perfect moment but I dragged the ham bone out to make some yummy stock. In my stock pot I added the bone, onion, celery, carrot and salt.

Today I added some pintos that had soaked overnight.  

Simmered for a few hours. 

Threw in some veggies to roast in the oven.  Including the carrots and ham from the bone from when I made the stock.

Add some homemade cornbread made with organic blue cornmeal.

I swear those beans were the best that I’ve ever eaten!