Crate training the kids and spanking the dog or spank the kids and crate train the dog?

I thought it might be worth a shot reversing the game a bit then maybe I can get someone to listen to me.  I could crate train the babies and start spanking the dog.  It's worth a shot.  Right?

Baby M and Lil O are in this stage of not listening and their favorite word is “no” and it’s rather annoying to me.  It just causes all three of us to butt heads and then get mad at each other.  If they’d just get along it would make my days a lot easier. 

Then there’s Sophie the Superdog, she likes to jump up on the dining room table if someone leaves a chair pulled out.  She’s sleek like a cat and as fast as a leopard and will pounce at any chance.  It’s rather funny to walk into your dining room and see your 4.7 pound puppy on the table looking at you with these adorable eyes. I love her so much!!!!!!!  If you don't have a puppy, get one.  :)

So, if I start smacking Sophie on the butt and start putting the babies in the crate when they tell me “no” do you think I can get all three of them straightened out?

Of course you know I’d never put the babies in the crate but it’s just an idea.

And if I did I surely wouldn’t blog about it…… I’m just sayin’.