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A couple of things not to worry about when you have a sick baby.

Last week I had a sick six year old for three days.  It wasn't any fun and I even posted pictures of how disorganized the house was on the blog.  Here I am today to tell you that my three year old is sick now.  It's ironic that she spewed all over the dining room this morning just like Lil O did last week.  I should have known something was up when she had her head on the table instead of eating her cereal but I thought she was being contrary and not wanting to eat.

So, I get things together to take Lil O to school when it happens.  That thing that all parents hate to see happen and hate to clean up even more.  She threw up. 

I just want all parents to know that when you have a sick kids it's okay to

~ Still be in your pj's at 2 pm.
~ Not have brushed your teeth until after lunch.
~ Not made the beds.
~ Not unloaded the dishwasher.
~ Not loaded it with dirty dishes all over again.
~ Not turn on your laptop until after noon.
~ Call and ask for help.
~ Watch cartoons all day and be afraid to change the channel when they are sleeping afraid it will wake them up.

I just wanted to make sure you knew that it is okay to stop everything and sit on the couch and rub their backs for them and watch them sleep.

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