Consolidating is liberating.

YAY!!!!  You're looking at the new Disney Blog Ambassador.  I just signed my paper work!  YAY!!!! 

*happy dance*


Today I had a meeting with a wonderful local company in my town and I will be working with them to get their site up and running, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.  I will be spreading the word about this amazing company soon, I promise!  Then you'll want to help spread the word too. 

With everything going on above plus raising four kids, being a loving wife and snuggling with Sophie the Superdog I've decided to consolidate life for me.

I will no longer be blogging on Supermom Cooks with recipes and pictures.  I will be bringing it all back to The Adventures of Supermom where all the traffic comes anyway. 

So, without further ado here's some info from Supermom Cooks.

I'm your go to gal if you want Friendship Bread starter!  I've been making it and handing it out around town for months now.  So, if you want a starter, or to share recipes and picture then send me an email at   Please pass the Ziploc bag.


I have several recipes in the Friendship Bread Recipe Box!!!!  Mounds Friendship Bread, Pistachio Fresh Basil and Chocolate Friendship Bread, Coriander Sweet Basil and Sea Salt Amish Friendship Bread and Chocolate Icing. 

I had a section on the blog where I posted what people were saying about the bread I've made and the starter that I've given them.  Here's those amazing wonderful comments.  Thank you so much!

Dawn ~
I really enjoyed the fluffy lightness of the friendship bread cupcake. The icing was not overpowering, it was the perfect touch of sweetness on top. With regard to the loaf, the texture was moist and packed full of delicious flavors, making it a delightful accompaniment with a warm cup of coffee.

Dyel ~
It was YUMMY!! It reminded me of a banana nut roll that my grandmother used to make, but in a loaf.

Sharon ~
Goodies are delicious - my little one approves, too.

Anna ~
The bread is good....VERY good

Michelle ~
The lemon poppy seed was awesome!! It was tasty and moist! Thank you for sharing a loaf with us!

Sharon ~
I wanted to write and let you know that after days of mashing the bag of starter you gave me in anticipation, I baked the friendship bread last night.
It was delicious. Your instructions were easy to follow and I hope to try a few of the variations with the next batch. Brownies? Yum.
This time I stuck with a basic vanilla batch, with almond flavoring replacing the vanilla and it was declared to be Fantastic by my husband and daughters.
I took the other loaf to work today and became the hero of my coworkers.

Anna ~
Today I baked brownies using the Friendship Bread starter that my lovely friend, Michelle L, gave to me. The house is FILLED with the wonderful aroma of baking chocolate! I have to say, this brownie recipe is excellent. In all, I think this brownie recipe is the best I have ever tried. It is easy, can be varied successfully, and tastes like heaven. I highly recommend it!

I look forward to moving things over and sharing some yummy recipes with you.