Bold Earth Adventures

A Bold Earth Adventures summer is mature, incredible, fantastic and  phenomenal. Over and over teenagers tell us that the friendships,  activities, goals and motivations everyone shares on a Bold Earth Adventures summer are memories of a lifetime. Our goal is that after 
just a short time on Bold Earth Adventures, your trip will become the best decision of your life. Our leadership, experience and dedicated 
full-time staff set us apart: Teen Adventure travel is all we do: Since 1976, Bold Earth has safely welcomed thousands of teenagers from fifty states and fifty countries.

I really wish I had known all about Bold Earth Adventures before now because I would have loved having the opportunity to send H and B to a youth camp that would help their personal growth through experience.  I think it's awesome for kids to be given a chance for student travel and be away from home and learn through experience!

Blog Earth Adventures contacted me because they chose The Adventures of Supermom to be one of Bold Earth Teen Adventure’s Top 75 Blogs Parents of Teens Should Read!

Our expert team at Bold Earth Teen Adventures has read blog after blog to discover the best blogs on the web that cover the unique topic of teenagers. These outstanding blogs range from life with teenagers and tips on parenting to daily inspirations, thoughts and family time. Each of you has a distinct voice that moves us. Thanks to you, readers like us can get a better glimpse into the often rollercoaster lives of teens and their families and be inspired to join the ride, no matter how bumpy. 

I'm really glad that they enjoy my blog and how I raise my four crazy kids.  It's nice to be recognized for all my hard work.  Thank you Bold Earth Adventures.

More about the programs.  ALL BOLD EARTH programs combine exploration, fun and community service. We include projects dedicated to improving the communities in which we visit. Whether we are teaching English at a local school, building a community playground, learning about native customs or participating in environmental conservation work, BOLD EARTH campers leave something behind to be proud of. Our goal is to enrich the lives of our campers by meeting the needs of local communities and the places we visit.

All participants receive a certificate from BOLD EARTH recognizing their community service work upon completion of their program. Hours stated are minimums. Groups with initiative will have the opportunity to give back on a daily basis. Below are descriptions of the community service projects for each BOLD EARTH program.

Bold Earth Adventures is donating $500.00 for a community service project and you get to help VOTE  for the community service project you want their donation to go to!

A feel-good vote that will make a huge difference for one of these amazing service projects our teens work with!  Simply click on the service project that you'd like Bold Earth Adventures $500.00 donation to go to.

-The Colorado Fourteeners Initiative
-Ecuador NiƱos De La Calle (children of the street)
-The Amazon Conservation Project

Then, please fill in your name, email and the Blog name or URL that you came from.  Hit "Click to Vote: and you're all set!



    * Professional, top-notch guardianship.
    * Small groups, 12-16 students with 2-3 leaders.
    * Itineraries which maximize adventure, service, challenge and fun.
    * Motivated teenagers who want to contribute and receive the most out of BOLD EARTH.
    * Communication, programming and support which will exceed your expectations . . . PERIOD!

Trips go through the USA, Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin America. They range from surfing in Hawaii to climbing in Colorado to volunteering in Costa Rica to eating crepes in Paris to perfecting your Spanish in Spain! (no experience required). Every trip has small, tight-knit groups of 12-16 students with 2-3 leaders, featuring adventure, service, challenge and FUN!

Don't forget to check out Bold Earth for summer programs for high school. I hope that next year I will be able to work something out for my two oldest to go on a Bold Earth Adventure!

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