Yes, it can be that difficult!

After a lovely dinner with MJ and her family we thought we'd take a walk around our neighborhood with the kids and Sophie the Superdog. While walking I tried to snap a picture of MJ and myself walking on the open road.

As you can see it wasn't an easy feat.  But it was hilarious.  So we called in help.

Our mini-photog did a wonderful job! 

My fave shot of the two.

Which we should have done to begin with but Superdad has us walking all through our neighborhood, walking two miles I think he said.  Up hills, down hills and those fabulous flat surfaces.  It was a lovely time and I didn't complain too much since I am not a physical activity girl. 

I've had the best visit with my best friend this visit and I cannot wait to visit with her again!  At least she now lives in North Carolina instead of near DC so hopefully we can visit more!