This time baby I'll be bulletproof.

I just sat down as I sing to one of my favorite songs by La Roux as the kids are coloring some awesome pictures that I will have to hang on the fridge.  I'm drinking a warm, almost cold, cup of coffee staring at my July book club read, Eat Pray Love as it sits besides my laptop.  I cannot help but sing out loud to the music that only I can hear.  *I'm wearing headphones.* 

This week I have been all out of sorts since there was a holiday on Monday and my days have all been mixed up.  I usually don't pay any attention to the days of the week anyway unless there is something that needs to be done.  It's been one of those weeks where I've been able to mostly stay in my jammies and wear my awesome bed head look.  I was even so frazzled that this morning I heard Sophie the Superdog whining to go out, or so I thought, so I rushed and picked her up and took her outside before she had an accident only to realize I was in my t-shirt and undies!  *shaking head*  It was rather comical watching me keep my rear end directed to the house as I was bending over holding my t-shirt down as I'm giving Sophie the direct ORDER, "Go POTTY.  HURRY!".

She wouldn't potty.  Then I find out that Superdad had already taken her out before he jumped in the shower and she was only barking for her breakfast. 

Crazy dog.

Well, I'm going to get up and do something SUPER, I don't know like fix lunch or something. 


KimmyD said…
LOL I lived in condo and one of my crazy neighbors ran out after her that she was fighting with with just a short t-shirt on. Lol She tried to pull it down as she rampur after him but didn't seem to care what was showing when she went back inside alone.