Supermom tells her make-up secrets.

It's really no secret that if you take care of your skin then you really don't need a lot of make-up.  Your natural beauty will shine through.  I get so many compliments about my skin and people ask all the time about what products I use, so I thought I would answer them for you in a video.

Supermom's Make-up Tips:

* Use a good moisturizer. Apply generously to your face and neck.

* Less is more. Your mommy was giving you good advice! :)

* Please don't pluck or wax your eyebrows into a thin line or draw them in. *cringe* Eyebrows are in, just groom them with a brush.

* Lip gloss goes a long way and I like it a lot better than lipstick. Please don't line your lips, that's so 80's.

Don't look at the bags under my eyes.


you're so pretty!! I remember you tellin me how to put on liner on my bottom 'lid' (whatever you call it) when i was a teen lol yea less is more unless the situation calls for more lol plus less is less work and does great if ur in a hurry!
Supermom said…
Awww, thanks Danielle. :)