Superdad buzzed my hair off for me.

Tonight I was cutting Superdad's hair for him with the clippers and thought, "What the hell." he can buzz mine off for me next. So, he did. It was kind of romantic in an odd way. I kept thinking of that movie The Legend of Billie Jean when she cut all her hair off. Yes, I was singing Love is a Battlefield in my head.



This is what I want next:

I think I can totally pull if off.  Opinions?


Danielle Franklin said…
looks good Supercuz! I say go for the shorter buzz if ya want! It'll always grow back if you dont like it! ^_^
Supermom said…
My thoughts exactly. It's just hair and it will grow back!
Crystal Velvet said…
I Love it, but there again I have a cut at grade 3 anyway. Go for it. You won't believe how easy it is to care for and yet always look well groomed etc. It saves hours off my day.
I've had this length for 16 years now and every now and then I grow it out a bit, but always come back to the short look as it's so cool.
Anonymous said…
Go for it! I lOVE short hair. Have had mine that short before and loved it. Gotta have the face for it, and you do! ;)