Spirits and Delicious Food.

For dinner we went to Daniel's one night.   There tapas styled menu has inspirations from Europe, America, Africa and Asia.  The food was awesome and the company was even better. 

We were in the red lounge.

Again, my favorite picture of Vanessa was taken here.

Drink one of two.  White Russian.

Vanessa and Anna shared this yummy salad!

My Gnocchi De La Mama. 

My Chicken Skewers which I could have licked the plate!

Enjoying my meal.

After enjoying a lovely dinner we went back to our Adult Hostel for Caipirinhas made by Vanessa.  I've never had cachaca before but it quickly became a favorite of mine.  So of course I had to have two.   (Totaling four for the night.)

So, after wonderful food, great company and drinks we took a walk on the beach at night.  It was fabulous and a lot of fun.

Someone confessing their love.  We didn't make the heart.

Total darkness where you could see millions of stars.

The ocean.

My favorite picture was taken on our walk.

My other favorite picture was taken on our walk.

I loved this night.  Walking on the beach under all the stars with my feet in the sand.  This was the night I fell off the bed because we were laughing about something which led to more laughing.  Good times.