Saturday already.

Last night I had the two lovely ladies that I will be traveling with come over for food, beer and coffee.  *The Scrabble game never made it out of the closet.*  We just sat on the porch while the kids played in the yard, talking and laughing.

It's really nice that even though we are all three very different women we can enjoy each others company so much.  I'm just glad that they let me in because they've been friends since high school and here I am the new chick.  ha ha

We can be ourselves and not be judged by each other.  Isn't that what friendship is about in the first place?

Unlike forming friendships when you are a teenager.  YUCK!  Forming friendships when you are older is much easier and likely to last a hell of a lot longer. It's always nice to meet and make a new friend.  You can never have too many.


I'm sitting at my desk with my headphones on trying to type up this post when Superdad is trying to get my attention that Baby M needs to get out of her pull-up.  Umm, he's sitting there, why can't he change her?  Oh, I know why, the Tour is on.  ha ha  I tease! 

He's taking care of it now and I've lost my train of thought.  You can blame him.