Yesterday I took the babies to Fun Depot this huge inside and outside play place for kids.  They have everything from indoor miniature golf to go-carts and bowling.  I like it because they have this fenced in soft play are for the smaller children where they can crawl through tunnels and go down twisty slides.  Did I mention it's fenced in to where I can actually take a breather and know the girls can play without wondering off?

I took my Eat Pray Love book in to read while the kids played.  Since I was finished with book one I was beginning book two.  *spoiler alert if you haven't read the book, you will want to skip this post.*  I'm to the point where she is in India at the Ashram and upset that she cannot meditate like everyone else and Richard has just come into her life telling her to get her mind on divine love.

“Like love, Groceries.  Like pure divine love.”

Prayer is a very personal relationship with yourself and whomever you believe in on a personal level.   You may pray to an Absolute Being, All Knowing, All Powerful, Allah, Almighty, Creator, Divine Being, Father, God , Holy Spirit, Infinite Spirit, Jah, Jehovah, King of Kings, Lord, Maker, Yahweh, daemon, deity, demigod, demon, divinity, holiness, idol, master, numen, omnipotent, power, prime mover, providence, soul, spirit, totem, tutelary, universal life force, world spirit.  All of the above are synonyms for God and the list gets amazingly longer when you add all the different religions.

I prefer to use God.  Because he's who I pray to.  Is there a God?  Is there an Absolute Being?  I may not be a very religious person but I am spiritual.  I give many thanks for all the blessings in my life on a daily basis.  Our family will hold hands and say grace before a meal.  I say a prayer at night thanking God for this day and everything that has happened in it.  I ask for strength and guidance and I pray that I am able to do his will.  I pray for my children staying safe and being taken care of.

I do not go to church and I haven’t in a very long time.  I don’t feel I have to go to church to be a better person.  I see some churches as a social gathering and at this point in my life I don’t want that.  Superdad and Lil O go to church on Sundays though.  Perhaps, one day I will go with him.  He’d like that.

My point is that prayer is a hard thing to learn.  Just speak from your heart and show gratitude for everything that you have.

Meditation isn’t prayer but a time to become one with you and a time to stop your mind and just be.  I’m learning as I read along in the book.  Having the Texan be introduced has made me happy because I like him and his wisdom.

So, yesterday at Fun Depot a nice man that was sitting beside me, while I was reading, started talking to me.  When I came home from playing for hours, hopefully wearing the kids out, I Googled him from our discussion to learn who he was.  He owns this amazingly beautiful ranch outside of my town.  Seeing the pictures of this amazing place made me think of the Ashram and at the peace and prayer that you can find there.  It is God’s country as they say.  It made me want to go to the ranch so I could pray and show gratitude for everything that I have and will be blessed with in my lifetime.

I can only picture waking up every day on that ranch and just know that this is God’s work and be blessed.  I bet it would also be a wonderful play to meditate.

I’ve emailed my new friend to see when I can come visit his ranch with my children because I want to walk that land and absorb it all in.

He made me think of Richard the Texan because of the wisdom he carried and from the words he spoke.  What made it even more exciting is he sounded like a Texan instead of a redneck boy from Asheville.  He called himself a redneck, I didn’t.  If I am able to visit this ranch one day I will post pictures.