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Pistachio, Fresh Basil and Chocolate Friendship Bread

This bread was inspired by a dessert that my friend Anna made for a get together back in May. It's been on my mind ever since!!! I knew that it would make an awesome friendship bread so today I gave it a go. IT'S AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I may eat both loaves by the end of the day.

Anna had taken basil leaves and sugared them. Then she drizzled some chocolate on top and then added a pistachio. YUMMY!!!

Here's the process of making the Pistachio, Fresh Basil and Chocolate Friendship Bread.

Fresh Basil from my garden.

All mixed together.

Coated pans with sugar.

Right out of oven.

This bread was AMAZING!!!!!  A great combination of flavors.

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