One Midtown Kitchen

I just returned from a wonderful vacation with two of my girlfriends with a lot of awesome pictures of the awesome food that we were able to eat on our trip! They are foodies like me and love eating good food so we were able to eat at fabulous places!

One Midtown Kitchen

This restaurant was in the obscure place with no parking or a bright neon sign with the name of the restaurant outside. In fact it was just a small sign at the road, “free valet parking” and just the word ONE on a metal door like a storage unit door. Pretty swank if you ask me and I know all about swank. Upon entering you are in a theater type curtained area and you have to part the curtains to walk into the restaurant. A beautiful restaurant worthy of many pictures.

We dined on a House Cured Meats tray, an Artisan Cheese tray and Roasted Summer Squash to start off with. Then three assortments of house made pastas Mezzaluna, Agnolotti and Canneloni. They were delicious!!!! I could use many descriptive words to describe this meal but delicious is all it requires.


For dessert we had Tres Leches, Baked Chocolate Mousse and I totally forgot the third dessert.

Cheese and Meat Samplers.

My Mezzaluna.  Delicious.

A mirror beside our table showing what's behind me.

My dessert, Tres Leches.

Verdict:  If you are in Atlanta you must eat at One Midtown Kitchen!