"Nope" said in my best Lana from Archer voice!

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*I was sitting in the tub when I realized I had the wrong character down before.  I love Archer and alway say, "Nooope" like Lana does.  So, let's try this again.*

I haven't been doing much of anything lately but let things pile up on my desk and in my bedroom.  I haven't made my bed in days and I have let clean laundry stay in the basket for days.  I don't even think I took a bath one day this week.  However, I did paint my toenails and eat the rest of the Hershey's Dark Chocolate Kisses.  Shhhh.

I haven't read my book or even thought about prayer or meditation.  I have been too busy just be-ing to do anything else.  So, I guess I'm doing something right after all.  The house really shows my lack of doing this week.  Hmm, odd indeed because this isn’t my usual behavior.  My go go go got up and went somewhere else. 

It's been crazy hot here so I really haven't even been outside.  Truthfully I bet at times it is cooler outside of our house than inside since we don't have air conditioning. 

The babies are playing in the basement with a ton of Barbie stuff that belonged to the teenager and they are having a blast.  Perk:  It's like 15 degrees cooler down there than up here.  We've been talking about putting a family, hang out, room down there but at the moment there are three pinball machines and other stuff taking up my space.  Ahhh, I can see myself relaxing on a Freecycle couch with my laptop while the babies play with H's old Barbie dolls.  We already have a TV down there and an old Xbox so the older kids would have entertainment too.  I can dream, can't I?

I just took Sophie the Superdog out for a walk around the house and to let her go potty so now she's all tired out taking a nap while I sit here drinking a warm cup of coffee blogging.

Yesterday, I had really contemplated giving up blogging.  Had it run its course?  Was I going in a different direction than before?  Do I really have anything worth saying?  Do people really care about what I say?  Or are they just talking about how banal I am and if my boobs are perky?  Know what I mean?  I threw the topic out on Facebook and got a really nice reaction from the people that do care if I blog and people that read the blog and love it for what it is. 

I guess at times it's difficult to be so open about my life and not sweat some criticism along the way.  I guess if there are people that find me banal then they don't have to read the blog or they could go *insert F word here* off.

Okay, I feel better.  Thanks for tuning in.