Mom’s PACKED! Let’s hit the road! Letting yourself know it’s okay to leave your family for a few days.

This is a very hard subject for me because I’ve never left my family for days and nights until I went on tour with Vaseline recently.  It was really hard for me to leave my husband and my children even though I had exciting adventures ahead of me.  I look back on those trips with fantastic memories and know that everyone involved did a okay without mom at home.  And mom did okay not taking care of everyone except herself.  In fact mom had a wonderful time away from her family because I knew that they were just a phone call away and we were able to text when we could.

I bring this up because my best friend is going away, without her family, for three nights this month with another girlfriend of ours.  They are shopping and hitting a beach.  One of my favorite things at least, A BEACH!!!  I detest shopping but I don’t mind tagging along because I can always find a coffee shop and people watch or give them my two cents when they are shopping.  That’s what friends are for anyway.  Right?

I’ve decided to crash their getaway because I want other moms to know that it’s okay to let the laundry pile up and let their spouse handle the kids for a few days without any mommy guilt.  I’ve turned this into a blogging project!!!

Getting Moms Out of the House, It’s Okay to Enjoy Life Alone for a Few Days.  I need to work on the title a bit.  How about, “Mom’s PACKED!  Let’s hit the road!”   Yeah, I like that one better! 

Mom’s PACKED!  Let’s hit the road! is now being planned!  I’m going to make this a personal blogging journey with diary vlogs and all the juicy details of traveling without the spouse and kids for a few days.   *Unless I talk myself out of the trip.*  My friends know I’m having mixed feelings about being out of my comfort zone and they know I get terribly car sick.  They don’t mind that I’ll be drooling all over myself in the front seat for this trip.  That’s what I call good friends.  I know that Anna will reach over with a tissue to clean me up!  Right Anna?

Anyway, I’m reaching out for sponsors for Mom’s PACKED!  Let’s hit the road! in the form of places to stay while on our journey.  I just hope that if you follow the trip and realize that it’s okay to get away for a few days without your family.

**Don’t worry folks, for safety reasons I will not be disclosing the dates of the trip or live blogging on the road.  I will start posting the trip details when we return safely home.**


Supermom said…
My getaway was awesome! I would suggest it to anyone that has children!

Michelle :)