Living in the moment, can it be done?

I've been working on living in the now.  Just be-ing.  Not thinking, not feeling, just be-ing.  I'm doing rather well, I think, living in the moment.  Yesterday I was able to spend most of my day with MJ and her family.  MJ is good for me because she makes me feel at a peace when I am around her.  I cannot explain it.  It was in the stars for us to become friends all those years ago for sure.

The one thing about MJ that I love is that she accepts me for who I am.  What you see is what you get and MJ doesn't mind all my flaws. 

Seeing the baby was awesome and tugged at my heart a bit knowing that I can never physically have another baby but I can just look forward to MJ having more!  ha ha  No pressure MJ!  At one point I picked him up, and he wasn't quiet sure about me yet, so I could tell him how much that Auntie Michelle loved him and that if he ever needed me in life all he had to do was call and I'd be there no matter what.  Then I gave him a bunch of kisses.

You can never have too many kisses.

We went out to eat and enjoyed a nice dinner together and then we came back to my house where I made fresh Pistachio, Basil and Chocolate Friendship Bread for them.  It was delicious.  By this point the baby was warming up to me and sat in my lap to play with toys.  It might have been since I introduced him to organic strawberry milk!  *innocent smile*  I told him that Auntie Michelle would give him more today. 

That's what Aunts are for!!!!  Introduce tasty treats to the babies then give them back to their parents.  Right?


Laurel said…
I need an MJ *sigh*
Supermom said…
I love my MJ!

I also love my snuggle bunny.

Michelle :)