It's a rule that you only eat seafood when you can smell the ocean.

It's a rule that when you smell the ocean and can feel the sand between your toes you have to eat seafood.  Our first night on Hilton Head we headed to Harbour Town to hit The Crazy Crab for some crab legs!  Well, I had crab legs with some melted buttah. 

And enjoyed a White Russian.

The food was good like every other seafood restaurant that I've been to but it wasn't outrageously good like some of the other places we had been eating at on our trip. 

If you want outrageously good seafood while on Hilton Head you have to go to The Sea Shack!  Now, that's delicious food. 

Sweet Tea.

Crap Cakes, greens and slaw.

It wasn't all fancy like The Crazy Crab because we ate off styrofoam plates and used plastic utensils but it was amazing.  The crab cakes were all crab with just enough bread to hold them together.  They were delicious!  It all was delicious!  I'd pick The Sea Shack over The Crazy Crab any day.

Now, I want The Sea Shack Crab Cakes.