Introducing the Adult Hostel on Hilton Head Island

They might as well be honest with their advertising and knock down some walls and start sharing bathrooms.

We stayed at The Metropolitan while we were on Hilton Head and it quickly became the butt of some funny jokes! After being made to wait an hour, because they don't allow early check-in even though we had been on the road for FIVE hours, we were finally given our room key. Our room was in the 5000 range but located on the fourth floor which was really confusing for me. A room that starts with a 5 should be on the fifth floor, right? No biggie.

So, we start unpacking and throwing on bathing suits when we notice there is no phone in the room. We were looking in drawers and cabinets and no phone was to be found. Seriously, there was no phone in our room. There wasn’t even a phone in the hall for emergencies just a red fire alarm button on the wall. Vanessa brought up a good point, so there’s an emergency and you pull the alarm, what’s everyone’s first instinct? To get the hell out of the building leaving the person in need of help all alone while everyone is outside looking for smoke.

The desk clerk just shrugged her shoulders when Vanessa approached her about there being no phone. She just told us that none of the rooms have phones and that was it. Since we are talking about phones we might as well talk wireless connection. The hotel advertises free wireless but what they don’t mention is that you only get it in the lobby while balancing on one foot while gritting your teeth with your body angled to the left.

Perhaps they should advertise a Zen like atmosphere and warn others, like me, that you will not be able to blog in your hotel room from the comfort of your bed.  And don’t even think about Facebook, unless you are using your cellphone.

We started a list about why we would need a phone in the room. It went something like this:

*reaching over to use the pretend phone to call the front desk*

~Where’s the phone?
~Can we get an extra set of towels?
~The Internet is not working. This was before we realized we weren’t in the common area balancing on one foot.
~What are some restaurant recommendations for dinner? Breakfast? Lunch?
~How do we get directions when there isn’t a phonebook in the room?
~What do we do in case of an emergency?
~Room service will not be needed today.
~When is check-out time?
~The neighbors are being too loud.
~Where are the vending machines?

I will say that the room was clean and the beds were clean. Nice white linens and comfy pillows. At least there was that, right?

Good thing we were there for the beach and not to talk on the phone.