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It's a rule that you only eat seafood when you can smell the ocean.

It's a rule that when you smell the ocean and can feel the sand between your toes you have to eat seafood.  Our first night on Hilton Head we headed to Harbour Town to hit The Crazy Crab for some crab legs!  Well, I had crab legs with some melted buttah. 

And enjoyed a White Russian.

The food was good like every other seafood restaurant that I've been to but it wasn't outrageously good like some of the other places we had been eating at on our trip. 

If you want outrageously good seafood while on Hilton Head you have to go to The Sea Shack!  Now, that's delicious food. 

Sweet Tea.

Crap Cakes, greens and slaw.

It wasn't all fancy like The Crazy Crab because we ate off styrofoam plates and used plastic utensils but it was amazing.  The crab cakes were all crab with just enough bread to hold them together.  They were delicious!  It all was delicious!  I'd pick The Sea Shack over The Crazy Crab any day.

Now, I want The Sea Shack Crab Cakes.

Weirdest place to get sunburned:

I beat everyone on the trip with the weirdest place to be sunburned.

My elbows.

I guess it was from just laying on the beach. 

Now we know.

It wasn't a dream.

At one point I remember thinking, "Am I going to wake up on the couch with drool all over my pillow because the babies were poking me to get up." instead of sitting in my chair on the beach?

Nope, it never happened.

I would really recommend that all moms and dads take some time to themselves to energize.  It could be a day trip or something longer.  I'm thankful that I was able to be away for three nights and travel with awesome women. 

I hope that Mom's Packed! Let's hit the road! happens again next year.

Spirits and Delicious Food.

For dinner we went to Daniel's one night.   There tapas styled menu has inspirations from Europe, America, Africa and Asia.  The food was awesome and the company was even better. 

We were in the red lounge.

Again, my favorite picture of Vanessa was taken here.

Drink one of two.  White Russian.

Vanessa and Anna shared this yummy salad!

My Gnocchi De La Mama. 

My Chicken Skewers which I could have licked the plate!

Enjoying my meal.

After enjoying a lovely dinner we went back to our Adult Hostel for Caipirinhas made by Vanessa.  I've never had cachaca before but it quickly became a favorite of mine.  So of course I had to have two.   (Totaling four for the night.)

So, after wonderful food, great company and drinks we took a walk on the beach at night.  It was fabulous and a lot of fun.

Someone confessing their love.  We didn't make the heart.

Total darkness where you could see millions of stars.

The ocean.

My favorite picture was taken on our walk.

My other favorite picture was taken on our walk.

I loved this night.  Walking on the beach under all the stars with my feet in the sand.  This was the night I fell off the bed because we were laughing about something which led to more laughing.  Good times.

I long for the beach.

I must have salt water running through my veins because I could live at the beach, or fairly close to it.  I feel at peace when I am near the ocean and I love putting my feet in the sand.  Here are a few pictures from the beach.


The view from my beach chair.

Loving the sand.  Look at all those freckles!

I did this for you.

Playing in the water.

One of the few shells I was able to bring home.

I just want to live.

I want to live my life to the fullest, it's all I want.  I want to live.  Tonight I was talking to Superdad about some feelings of mine and I just told him, "I want to live".  Everyone that reads this blog knows that I'm reading Eat, Pray, Love and working on meditation and prayer so just living is on my mind at the moment.  Living in the now, this very moment and not worrying about tomorrow, or the next day or the next day.  Just now. 

I have been thinking about vintage typewriters the past few weeks and how special they are to me.  When I was a little girl I used to play with my papaw’s typewriter for hours pretending I was a secretary.  In fact, I could probably type before I could walk now that I think about it.  I had this spur of the moment idea to get another tattoo, yes I already have one, of a typewriter with the word “live” typed out on the paper in the typewriter.

Yesterday I received some devastating news about someone I know committing suicide that very day.  It literally broke my heart and made me hurt all over.  It saddened me to think about someone being so sad and feeling so alone that they thought ending their life was the best thing to do. 

So today I want to live.  I want to enjoy every moment that I am capable of.  We are not promised tomorrow, or even tonight, so just live.

I will continue to think about it since it is a permanent decision and I will be stuck with it forever.  I just don’t want to mark up my body for the heck of it.  I just think this tattoo has a special meaning to me.  To just live.  I may not use a typewriter now thanks to the invention of laptops and all but it will also remind me of the most important man that was in my life, my Papaw. 

The Vortex Bar & Grill

It's bound to happen.  Shopping always equals starvation!  Right?  While shopping in the HEAT and smelling this awesome smell of grilling burgers wafting through the air at Little 5 Points.  Must have burger!!!!!  Must go to The Vortex.  Must be 18 to enter.

Equals BEST BURGER ever!!!!!!

Too bad you have to be 18 to enter because the burger was awesome and we're pretty sure they cut their own fries.  I would have never been able to enjoy a tasty burger at The Vortex while traveling with the kids because it would have been rude to leave the kids in the car.

Hmm, no picture of the burgers because they were literally inhaled!  Maybe next time. 

Verdict:  In Atlanta, and over 18, then have a cheeseburger at The Vortex.

Friends ~ Various Shots

I love this picture of Vanessa.

Vanessa and Anna walking on the beach at night.

Various Selfs

Walking on the beach at night.  I really love this picture of me.

Day 1 at the beach.

Day 3 at the beach.

Introducing the Adult Hostel on Hilton Head Island

They might as well be honest with their advertising and knock down some walls and start sharing bathrooms.

We stayed at The Metropolitan while we were on Hilton Head and it quickly became the butt of some funny jokes! After being made to wait an hour, because they don't allow early check-in even though we had been on the road for FIVE hours, we were finally given our room key. Our room was in the 5000 range but located on the fourth floor which was really confusing for me. A room that starts with a 5 should be on the fifth floor, right? No biggie.

So, we start unpacking and throwing on bathing suits when we notice there is no phone in the room. We were looking in drawers and cabinets and no phone was to be found. Seriously, there was no phone in our room. There wasn’t even a phone in the hall for emergencies just a red fire alarm button on the wall. Vanessa brought up a good point, so there’s an emergency and you pull the alarm, what’s everyone’s first instinct? To get the hell out of the building leaving the person in need of help all alone while everyone is outside looking for smoke.

The desk clerk just shrugged her shoulders when Vanessa approached her about there being no phone. She just told us that none of the rooms have phones and that was it. Since we are talking about phones we might as well talk wireless connection. The hotel advertises free wireless but what they don’t mention is that you only get it in the lobby while balancing on one foot while gritting your teeth with your body angled to the left.

Perhaps they should advertise a Zen like atmosphere and warn others, like me, that you will not be able to blog in your hotel room from the comfort of your bed.  And don’t even think about Facebook, unless you are using your cellphone.

We started a list about why we would need a phone in the room. It went something like this:

*reaching over to use the pretend phone to call the front desk*

~Where’s the phone?
~Can we get an extra set of towels?
~The Internet is not working. This was before we realized we weren’t in the common area balancing on one foot.
~What are some restaurant recommendations for dinner? Breakfast? Lunch?
~How do we get directions when there isn’t a phonebook in the room?
~What do we do in case of an emergency?
~Room service will not be needed today.
~When is check-out time?
~The neighbors are being too loud.
~Where are the vending machines?

I will say that the room was clean and the beds were clean. Nice white linens and comfy pillows. At least there was that, right?

Good thing we were there for the beach and not to talk on the phone.

Baby M kills me.

I had just picked up a toy off the floor and put it on the table.  Baby M walks by and pushes it back on the floor.

"I just picked that up Baby M."

And without missing a beat she says,

"And I just throwed it down."

One Midtown Kitchen

I just returned from a wonderful vacation with two of my girlfriends with a lot of awesome pictures of the awesome food that we were able to eat on our trip! They are foodies like me and love eating good food so we were able to eat at fabulous places!

One Midtown Kitchen

This restaurant was in the obscure place with no parking or a bright neon sign with the name of the restaurant outside. In fact it was just a small sign at the road, “free valet parking” and just the word ONE on a metal door like a storage unit door. Pretty swank if you ask me and I know all about swank. Upon entering you are in a theater type curtained area and you have to part the curtains to walk into the restaurant. A beautiful restaurant worthy of many pictures.

We dined on a House Cured Meats tray, an Artisan Cheese tray and Roasted Summer Squash to start off with. Then three assortments of house made pastas Mezzaluna, Agnolotti and Canneloni. They were delicious!!!! I could use many descriptive words to describe this meal but delicious is all it requires.


For dessert we had Tres Leches, Baked Chocolate Mousse and I totally forgot the third dessert.

Cheese and Meat Samplers.

My Mezzaluna.  Delicious.

A mirror beside our table showing what's behind me.

My dessert, Tres Leches.

Verdict:  If you are in Atlanta you must eat at One Midtown Kitchen!