You never know what each day will bring you.

For the past two days I've been involved in getting four awesome teenagers together to take them to BMW tomorrow.  I have four very excited kids on my hands!  They are packing a couple of changes of clothes in anticipation of having their pictures taken and being filmed.  I'm excited for them too!  They will get to drive some amazing cars on the BMW course after taking a safety class.

I'm also happy because I get to see the Director that I worked with on my Vaseline film.  I really enjoyed working with him so I know the kids will have a crazy fun time with him as well.  He will make them feel at ease and make it fun!  A once in a lifetime chance. 

It's awesome how some days you have a regular day filled with laundry and dirty dishes and then other days you get a call about how life is about to change for you in an amazing way.  It may be only 15 minutes of fame but I'll gladly take it any day over just doing the laundry and dirty dishes.

Plus, I see it as another fun adventure that I get to blog about.


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It was a wonderful experience.