Wordless Wednesday


Yesterday I got a very exciting phone call from the Director (from Los Angeles) I worked with filming my Vaseline film because he's filming at the BWM track and he wanted my H and three of her friends to come down so they could be filmed for this shoot!


That means they get to drive some totally cool BMWs around the track and be filmed!  I'm not sure if this is for a commercial or for a print ad.  I will find out more closer to time.

So, Friday I'm taking two beautiful gals (three if you count the driver) and two handsome boys to the BMW track to be filmed!!!!!!!

I'm so excited for them!  They get paid to have a lot of fun!

I will post a lot of picture because that's what I'll be doing while they are filming.


Cluttered Brain said…
Sweet! Is it a commercial or something? That is WAY cool. And EXCITING! BMW's? Awesome.
Can't wait to see pictures!
Or video footage if you can manage that.
RedMelD said…
Sounds like lots of fun!!! Can't wait to see updates!!
Monica said…
I can't wait! This is so exciting!
Supermom said…
Everyone had a wonderful time!